The 10 Best Simpsons Games of All Time

Grab some Duffs, and snack so much that you’ll need a muumuu. This is the ultimate list of the best Simpsons games ever made.

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jaymacx527d ago

where's the Simpson's Arcade game by Konami?

harmny527d ago

Lol it's not on the list!?

PurpHerbison527d ago

Oh wow, that is the best Simpsons game of all time.

stokedAF527d ago

I haven’t even heard of half of those. Hit and run was great though.

SegaGamer527d ago

I wouldn't put Tapped Out in the list. It's a crappy mobile game designed around microtransactions.

I can't stand EA, they have sat on that mobile game for years now and done nothing with the Simpsons license. We have gone almost a full generation without a Simpsons game, the first time that has happened since the first ever Simpsons game was released. Literally the only reason why they bought the license to make Simpsons games was to make money off the movie and mobile phone players.

There is plenty of potential to make a great Simpsons game, but EA just can't be bothered. Probably because it won't make them an impossible amount of money. They are a joke of a games company. They lack originality and fun, they have some of the most dull and repetitive games going, games designed around microtransactions, games that copy the competition, games that feel like half hearted cash grabs. They just suck and I don't understand why people subscribe to their crappy subscription service. Every single license they own would be better in the hands of any other company.

Nintendew527d ago

Honorable mentions:
Simpson’s Arcade.
Bart’s Nightmare.
Virtual Bart.
Simpsons Bowling.

( Bart’s Nightmare and Simpson’s Arcade still my favorite. )