Celebrating The Simpsons 30th Anniversary: Here are the best Simpsons Games... ever

GameCrate: "Here is the definitive list of the best Simpsons games ever. That's right: ever. Or, ya know, at least five pretty good ones."

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Neonridr467d ago

The Simpsons Arcade game was a fond childhood memory. And Hit and Run was another fantastic game. Most of the rest are meh.

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NecrumOddBoy467d ago

Virtual Springfield is my favorite Simpsons game. It was a point and click adventure title that served as a living fangasm.

I also played Simpsons Tapped Out for about 3 years but had to stop because even with a cracked version, it was getting too much with the micromanagement. Would love it if it was a game to buy without the phone microtransactions.

SegaGamer467d ago

The Simpons Hit & Run, Virtual Bart and The Simpsons Game are my top 3. EA have killed Simpsons games though, they are just sitting on that crappy mobile game.

P_Bomb467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

I remember renting Hit and Run and thinking it was so different than advertised. In a good way! Wasn’t expecting an open world Springfield GTA mashup.

Lego Dimensions’ Springfield deserves an honourable mention. If you’re a fan it’s worth hunting down the map and some toons.

FlyingFoxy466d ago

I think i played the arcade game on an arcade machine, other than that my first one to actually own was on my first PC, Virtual Springfield.. I think i meant to buy Simpsons cartoon studio or whatever it was called, but i think Argos replaced it with Virtual Springfield, it turned out to be quite funny if not much else. Hit & Run was of course really good. If there's a remake I'd like a bit bigger world with more missions and side stuff though.

Pretty sure i rented Krusty's Fun House, what a pain in the ass of frustration that was.

Protagonist466d ago

I really enjoyed The DS version of The Simpsons Game. And I agree everything you wrote about it ;)

TheSanchezDavid466d ago

I definitely feel like it was an underappreciated gem and was overlooked on account of the console versions.

Protagonist466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

I actually got the PS3 version: but never got around to play it, so I still got to make an opinion about that one. Still agree though about the DS version being a great game.


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