Peter Molyneux: “I want to make you cry”

4Player - "Fable: The Journey, Lionhead’s next entry into the Fable franchise and first in the series to use only the Kinect, will be no different. Allow me, then to introduce Peter Molyneux trying to make you cry with a horse.

“This horse is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever created,” he claimed. “He’s going to have so much feeling for you. Think about combining the creature from Black and White, the dog from Fable and my hamster from when I was a child.

“I definitely want to make you cry,” he concluded. “I want there to be a lump in your throat. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life. Why would I want to make a game that didn’t do that?”

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Godmars2904358d ago

Kiss of death: he wants to make you feel. Wont deliver on that anyway.

Come to think of it, surprised he just didn't mention the horse in Shadow of the Colossus.

malamdra4357d ago

yeah, the problem is that you're not talented enough, Peter

you're just a glorified middleweight who MS decided to put on the spotlight as some kind of visionary

Mystogan4357d ago

Then why did he win so many awards? were these "controlled" by MS too? did MS make all these votes appear for him?

8bit_Nes_Rambo4357d ago

What awards Mystogan? Spike TV? Some crap from that joke called the AIAS? Most awards are a farce these days anyways, mainly based around politics and merchandising. Hell, even Guiness is a joke these days, you can't imagine the contrived awards they create for some games just so they get more attention when they arrive on the market(read up on the categories the new Mortal Kombat won for a hearty laugh).

StanSmith4357d ago

The only thing that brings a tear to my eye is when mufasa dies and simba tries to wake him up in the lion king. Nothing in movies or games has made me cry like that.

Morbius4204357d ago

The only time I cried during a game was when Ryo lost Nozomi in the first Shenmue. I was falling in love with her; I've never felt such an attachment for a videogame character before or since and I'm sure Molyneux's horse isn't going to top that.

FailOverHero4358d ago

You already did, at E3, you made me weep for the Fable franchise

THC CELL4358d ago

He is a fag man lol, be hard to beat the last guardian lol i no thats gunna make tons of people cry lol..

DigitalRaptor4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, MGS4 + ending. Those are the types of games that if anything will make a person tear up.

The story and characters in a Fable game will not make a person cry because they need to make a true emotional connection. Peter's games are light hearted and too silly to get this sort of reaction.

gdguide4357d ago

Exactly. How the hell do you make someone cry when part of your games is farting? He always has all of these ideas, but has no concept what so ever on what goes with what. He just puts every idea he ever has into a game and goes with it. I'm surprised how he misses this consistently with his games. He talks like X game will be a huge step forward in gaming, he releases a game, half of the hype was crap, and then he's hard on himself for not seeing it at the time. It's really strange.

Elven64357d ago

It's an RPG! You use the mechanics that you want, you can go around farting if you want but don't expect the world to react kindly to you or respect you if you do, unless you come across an immature NPC.

Neckbear4357d ago

"Heavy Rain"


"The Last Guardian"

Give me that time machine, mister.

"MGS4 + ending"

Not quite.

Takoulya4357d ago

You're probably the type of guy who started crying once you got betrayed by Shepard in MW2.

DigitalRaptor4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

Heavy Rain set out what Quantic aimed to do for the most part, which was to provide a dark adventure game that made you connect to the characters and the premise in an emotional sense. Plot holes and questionable voice acting aside, the game did a great job and I don't know anyone personally who was looking forward to Heavy Rain that was let down by it. And I'm sure some people shed a tear or two depending on their outcome in the story.

I don't need a time machine to admire Team Ico's pedigree in this industry and from what I've seen so far from The Last Guardian, it looks to be an emotional ride as far as the bond you form with the creature and the adventures you share with it. It's obvious that Ueda is going to perform similarly to his past 2 triumphs.

And did you really play and watch MGS4 through to the end.. the very end? If you are a hardcore fan of the series, it should bring simultaneous tears of revelation, joy and sadness to your eyes. It was beautiful!

My point was one of comparison. The way Peter is going, he is never going to achieve being even close to making people cry from his games. Lionhead are simply not using the right ingredients or methods to gauge this sort of reaction.

VictoriousB134357d ago

The only thing Heavy Rain managed to evoke from me was laughter. Shadow of the Colossus on the other hand...:'(

ChronoJoe4357d ago

Yakuza 3 had a sad part, didn't cry or anythin but sad none the less. I reckon I felt more than from MGS4 or Heavy Rain but those are good too.

blind-reaper4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

It is impossible to be a hardcore fan of Metal Gear and not cry in the ending (the one after the credits), it is like the end of an era and totally changes the sense of the many hours you have invested in the franchise. In my opinion the most epic ending in the history of gaming.

Elven64357d ago

I doubt you've played it but in Fable III there's a pretty heavy scene with a character you're connected to where you can basically leave them to die or bring them with you to get them help.

There's a clear benefit to leaving them behind (you're slowed down and constantly under attack) but if you play the game as intended (this implies to all games with such situations) you'll be facing a moral and emotional dilemma, should I leave them behind and survive myself or take them with me and risk it?

FYI: The Last Guardian isn't even out yet...

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