Pro-G Reviews The Simpsons Game

Pro-G writes: "The rendered cutscenes are as high a quality as the movie, and the cel-shaded art direction looks great, especially on the next-gen versions of the game (less so on PS2). It's even got loads of voice acting from the real voice actors, too. If you walked in on the game during one of the cut scenes, you'd think you were watching Sky One in the evening."

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Gordii4863d ago

I wont buy this until it comes down maybe to 29:99.. Family guy would have been better honestly. Simpsons are good but idk lol. Game play is actually not to bad but with all the all the Rush of games from the PS3 at this time of the year and next year i am waiting on it.

gamesblow4863d ago

Family Guy is the most absurd form of humor ever put onto Tv... The Dane Cook/Family guy power Hour would cause a state of emergency the world has never known. The world would be in peril if that ever took place.