Masahiro Ito to do Japanese Silent Hill: Downpour cover

Rely on horror: Masahiro Ito, designer and illustrator for the Silent Hill series will be returning once again to contribute his disturbing art to the series. When asked by a fan on Twitter, Ito confirmed that he will be doing the box art for the Japanese release of Silent Hill: Downpour.

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godsinhisheaven3442d ago

Why not bring back the whole team to make a real Silent Hill ?

Whitefox7893441d ago

It would be hard, since Akira Yamaoka (guy who does the soundtrack for all the Silent Hill games) just left Konami and most recently helped Shinj Mikami and Suda51 with Shadows of the damned and is now with Grasshopper Manufacture.

Mary Elizabeth (One of Akira's partners) said she is going to supervise the redone voicework for the HD rereleases of SH2 and 3 however she isn't do any work on Downpour.

Keiichiro Toyama (Director of Silent Hill) lefted Konami and joined SCE Japan Studio to make the Siren series.

Kazuhide Nakazawa (Director of Silent Hill 3) lefted Konami and joined Kojima Productions.

Other key members followed Keiichiro Toyama and joined SCE Japan Studio to make Siren.

So yeah as you can see its complicated....

godsinhisheaven3441d ago

Yeah KONAMI shouldn't have disbanded Team Silent in the first place...

Arsenic133441d ago

They were never a team. They were workers who made a game. They worked on games for Konami before and after. Not as a whole. As individuals.