Gaming Console Network: inFamous 2 Review

Gaming Console Network's Aaron Espinoza takes on inFamous 2 for the Playstation 3. inFamous 2 picks up approximately two months after Cole mopped the floor with himself, or Kessler as we knew him, and he is fully aware that “The Beast” is coming. Cole is thoroughly mindful that in order to terminate The Beast he will have to find a way to further advance his powers.

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Jack-Dangerously3442d ago

You're right. It's higher than a nine. It's 85.

HeavenlySnipes3442d ago

On another note, I think Sony accidentally gave me InFamous 2 on PSN for free. When I went to the store that red bought symbol was on the Full game and when I clicked on it, it said product already purchased. At first I thought "well, it must be the trial version" (btw the trial version doesn't show up for my main account, on my other account, its right there beside InFamous 2) but when I pressed download, its says downloading InFamous 2, not the full game trial.

What an awesome day if it turns out to be the full gmae. First I get 90-29 in KZ3 (with triple XP means I got 60 000xp from that game) then I get InFamous 2 for free! ^_^

Balflear873442d ago

85 is a good score, and i can understand why did they score this game like this, i have it an 85 myself.

DOOMZ3442d ago

Its a ok game... Got board with it quick, just like the first one...