It's Only Right That The Uncharted Series Ends This Way

Dual Pixels - Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake's Deception; what's next? Okay, don't laugh, because we're actually excited to see Nathan Drake pilot vehicles trailed by red and green shells.

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kane_13713449d ago

Approved for the lol of it
But really it gave me the idea.
what if we had a game like CTR or mario kart with photo realistic gfx?
we have the Blur, but it isn't really like CTR or Kart.
or brawl. that would be awesome. Kratos, Jin(from tekken), Dude from GTA3,Drake, Ico, etc in a photo realistic game of brawl.
It would be fun and probably fail.
but what if it made it? that would make us lol for sure

kane_13713449d ago

Not just Drake's.
But Playstation Brawl.
This game would have a huge roster since the roster would be of all the characters and franchises SONY PS helped to become big.
Like Tekken, GTA, MGS and many more, plus PS brands exclusive dudes.
And imagine having a photo realistic version of Crash jumping up and down in the middle of the fight.
That would just beat some other Brawl games ;)
The big part with Mario Brawl is the multiplayer, with PS the multi never was like nintendo since we almost never had four ports for controls and things like that.
But if they put good work on Online service for it then the game will be great.
This really is what we could use.

HeavenlySnipes3449d ago

Whats the point. Sackboy and Kratos would always win lol

FACTUAL evidence3449d ago

Sony vs Microsoft

Sony's roster

Nathan drake
Nathan Hale
Cole Mcgrath

Microsoft roster

Master chief
Alan wake
blinx the cat

Lol that isn't all the roster for both sides, but i put some neat stuff in there. Yo ms and sony would cash off that project hard lmao. Also the first crossgame console to console game. that would be siiiiick!

Jack-Dangerously3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

HAHA Sackboy vs Master Chief!

*quick put stickers on his face*!

(master chief) "My ONLY weakness!! How did you knowwww?!"

house3449d ago

been saying this whole generation that Sony should have a sony brawl type game it would so rock and more because they have so many first part characters

Mr Tretton3449d ago

There is always the chance it will end. I remember someone from Naughty Dog saying recently that the way they see it it's good to start a new IP with each generation.

I wish more companies had that mentality. Granted there are some IPs that were good to carry over into the next gen, particulary if the 1st game came out towards the end of that gen.

But I think after 3 PS3 games and a PSV game, it will be good for them to move on from Uncharted. People THINK they want something to go on forever, but, you live long enough and you realize things get...well, f**ked out after a while, if you know what I mean. It happens more sooner than later. Better to leave off on a good note than to ruin it and run it into the ground.

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The story is too old to be commented.