I'm 'Ashamed' By How Twisted Metal PS3 Started - David Jaffe writes: "Nobody can claim David Jaffe doesn't where his heart on his sleeve. In an interview with us during E3, Jaffe was very open about his motivations for getting involved in his current Twisted Metal PS3 project, stating he was "ashamed" of the way it started."

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ShawnCollier3651d ago

The demo at E3 was pretty fun, can't wait till the final version comes out.

JDouglasGU3651d ago

it's definitely looking promising, glad everything worked out for the team in the end

Sanrin3651d ago

I just hope most of the characters make it through intact!

WhittO3651d ago

I think most people wanted Twisted Metal anyway instead of another IP with similar gameplay.

Controversy3651d ago

Good interview. Seems like a guy who has learned to be humble.

He acknowledges that his opinions are only his and that they could be wrong. That takes a big person.

I_find_it_funny3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

at 2010 E3 TM was bashed for graphics and this year it looks a lot better

TheLastGuardian3651d ago

If you hate on Twisted Metal, It's most likely because you're a troll who hates all PS3 exclusives. You know the game looks epic but you're just mad it's not coming to the 360. I don't care what anyone says, Twisted Metal is going to be the greatest game ever made.

Valk3651d ago

Just like Last Guardian right? You sound like someone that thinks simply because it is on PS3 it is the best ever.

Don't get me wrong I like TM and i am sure it will be good but i will play it first before proclaiming it AAA must own.

But if there is one thing the PS3 install base of N4G is known for its over hyping anything exclusive to PS3

k2d3649d ago

@Valk: No, you sorry, fanboy s***. Not because The Last Guardian is an exclusive, but because the prior game (Shadow of the Colussus) was F-ing awsome.

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subtenko3651d ago

Jaffe you and your team are awesome! Another inspiring article.

P.S. throwing in the JayZ quote was priceless after a certain "event" and I hope that dude see's the quote too,lol xD

"Why cant he quote Pantera,this is Twisted Metal!" Im predicting a tweet similar to that soon,haha

the_kutaragi_baka3651d ago

I like Twisted Metal and all, but really, this is a pretty horrible attempt at some publicity of this douche guy.

SuperM3651d ago

Oh shut up. He was fucking interviewed. Isnt he allowed to state his opinions and ideas about stuff when hes asked about it?

Your post is stupid to say the least.

NarooN3651d ago

It's pretty easy to see why you only have one bubble.

NetworkSony3651d ago

um hello its his game he has every right to say what he wants about it so if theres something he doesnt like he has the right to tell in an interview that he was disappointed i mean no Jeff no twisted metal

Undeadwolfy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Stolen interview is stolen. The quotes in this article word for word are taken from an interview that David did in an episode of the Giantbomb Podcast. Episode E3: Day 1 to be exact. Hate it when articles claim information as their own. I just finished listening to it yesterday. Was a 4 hour show.

pangitkqb3650d ago

@ the_Kutaragi Wow, everything you said was not only stupid, it was just wrong. He was interviewed, gave a series of very honest answers, INCLUDING ACKNOWLEDGING HIS OWN IMPERFECTIONS and mistakes, and then you say insulting things about him. You know, for answering questions and being honest and nice. Negative bubbles to you troll.

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Max_Dissatisfaction3651d ago ShowReplies(5)
Cajun Chicken3651d ago

I still like Calling All Cars. I'd quite like a variation of it handheld.

TheRacingX3651d ago

I agree with you CC, I liked Calling all Cars, it was fun online too, I think if they went back added trophies, added a new mode or two, it would be a great online party game....Sony abandoned it too soon, they should have tried to give it a bigger push...

Soldierone3651d ago

Its a smaller studio. Which means they themselves don't have the money to keep it going, which in return relies heavily on Sony. Unless thousands and thousands of people are playing it daily, Sony will have a certain agreement and stick to it.

I'm sure when the studio grows with Twisted Metal, things will get better. Hopefully they re release CC on Vita.

SpartanZero3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

David Jaffe should feel more ashamed for working for Sony instead of Microsoft

Klaykid1233651d ago

Boo hoo you don't get Twisted Metal.

palaeomerus3651d ago

Of course not. I only buy shit-games if they are budget priced and have giant bugs in them.

Hell, I wish I didn't get Duke Nukem Forever the same way I'm not getting Twisted Metal. Randy Pritchford $#@$ing lied to me.

DrRichtofen3651d ago


Is Bitching the only thing you know how to do?

fuckoffodion3650d ago

@DrRichtofen No, that's the only thing he does. He's masturbates most of the time...especially to anything Microsoft.

Cenobia3651d ago

That doesn't even make any sense. If you are going to troll, couldn't you at least try to be funny or something?

blackburn103651d ago

I hope that's some sort of joke or something your attempting to make. And if it is, it's not very funny.

TheRacingX3651d ago

why? so microshaft can force him to make Call of Halo : Twisted Edition? Where Master Chief has to run Kameo and Banjo Kazooie off the road while they throw viva pinatas at him??? hey, your mom just told me your dinners ready....

XabiDaChosenOne3651d ago

If Bungie doesn't want to work with Microsoft what makes you think anybody else does?

jacksons983651d ago

Yeah let's go work for Microsoft who has destroyed more developers in gaming than any other company in history. Great idea there

NarooN3651d ago

Lol have fun with Halo 50, ya friggin' fanboy.

x5exotic3650d ago

Microsoft should be ashamed for not having the creator of God of War

jdfoster003650d ago

You Have NO games!!! Hahaha Just milky Halo and GOW which I admit, is good. But still only 2 games. You could only show multiplats at you're E3 conference and Kinect and Disney world... You dissapointed MS didn't announce a collectors eddition for Disney World. Move along Troll :)

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Klaykid1233651d ago

Nobody can claim David Jaffe doesn't WHERE his heart on his sleeve.

Outstanding editors.

Max Power3651d ago

I was looking for the first comment about that terrible 1st grade typo, and you currently are the last comment. The internet makes me so sad sometimes.

Jack-Dangerously3651d ago

That wasn't very nice. You're right, but it still wasn't nice XD.

Heck, I've learned through MY OWN ignorance that plenty of users here don't speak English as their first language. Then again there are people here that simply don't know how to articulate as well as others when English IS their native tongue. So who knows which is which? lol

Klaykid1233651d ago

Haha, I noticed it straight away. One of my pet peeves when people use grammar and spelling incorrectly. Also, Jack, Which witch is which?