Silent Hill: Downpour Doesn’t Need Pyramid Heads to be Scary

They said they wanted to make a game that felt like classic Silent Hill, but felt they could do it without filling the game with Pyramid Head, creepy nurses or other series hallmarks.

Run_bare4739d ago

True, but I like to go against Pyramid Head.

Bloodraid4739d ago

I've only played 1-4... Anyone care to explain why Pyramid Head exists outside of James's consciousness?

rustyspoon804739d ago

Exactly Pyramid Head should only be in SH 2. We need new fresh enemies. But they should be weird manifestations of the protagonists psyche.

TheLastGuardian20104739d ago

It seems that the people at Vatra know what there doing. I have a feeling it won't be quite on par with Silent Hill 1-4, but it'll defintly be a little brother that everyone will admire to...hopefully.

LastDance4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

My favorite part in what ive seen so far is when they get to town and an old man sitting on his rocking chair on the porch says, "Fresh Meat".Or when the lights flickering and window seals flap about..

Or Korn doing the theme song instead of that hack who use to do the music.

Yeah, these guys totally know how NOT to do generic hollywood "horror".

TheLastGuardian20104739d ago

You do realize that the theme song your talking about is skippable, and not even IN THE GAME. Tom Hullet talked about Korn, and knew Silent Hill fans would be upset. They said Konami pushed them to get a big name group to do the music, from the list of shitty bands they picked the least shittiest.

So stop hatin bro.

LastDance4739d ago

Just shows you dont grasp what Silent Hill is about...OF COURSE the intro theme would be skippable..thats not a plus of any kind.

Silent hill is about atmosphere...Which will be killed in the first 3 seconds of the game.

These devs cant seem to make a right move and all they are doing is copying crappy generic hollwood movie ideas.

This game should have stayed in japan.

CrawFail4738d ago

It shows YOU don't get what Silent Hill is about, calling Akira Yamaoka, the producer and composer and the whole reason Silent Hill 1-4 were brilliant games, a hack and embracing a dross band like Korn doing the theme song.
Silent Hill isn't about contemporary rock, it's about about atmosphere.

Mr Tretton4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I REALLY hope PH isn't in Downpour. He belongs in SH2 as James' experience only.

What SH needs back is the old music composer. And a Japanese team.

newn4gguy4739d ago

Akira Yamaoka both directed and created the music for Silent Hill. :)

THAT is why we're all concerned. The man was a genius.

CrawFail4739d ago

Very true. Akira's work is awe-inspiring.
My biggest worry is that they've got Korn doing the main theme for the game :/
Why can't they get a Silent Hill right for the first time in 7 years. Stop with the ducking about!

newn4gguy4739d ago

Yeah. I'm not sure what goes through the minds of these individuals. The same goes for SEGA. We want a GOOD Sonic game!


Konami had been rugely reformed in 2005. In order for it to become the Konami Corporation various big centralized sectors as Konami Traumer, Konami Media Entertainment, Konami Sports and Konami Digital Entertainment (the gaming developers and publisher) had to be put under the major corporation control.

The problem was that before all the merging there were no Konami Digital Entertainment in Japan, only the studios in Europe, America and other Asia regions were unified.

Japanese studios were organized in KCEN (Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya), KCEK (Kobe), KCEO (Osaka), KCET (Tokyo), KCEJ ("Japan", two Tokyo offices which were labeled East and West), KCES ("Studios", another Tokyo office).

Nagoya, Kobe and Osaka studios were dismissed and the personal were either fired or moved to one of the Tokyo Studios. But later the Tokyo Studios were all merged too and renamed Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (japanese Kanami gaming publisher and developers).

Later on Kojima, which was vice-president of KCEJ, formed his own studio Kojima Productions with former KCEJ, KCET and KCES staff.

The point is, all this merging not always respected the small teams structuring, and many were dismantled in the process. Team Silent was supposedly formed from people who failed at other studios in Konami and was about to leave or be fired before Silent Hill... End up Team Silent got disbanded anyway after SH4.

Most of the guys who once worked on Team Silent end up leaving the Konami Tokyo offices after the merging. I know some of it went to form Sony's Team Siren, Kojima himself selected others to join Kojima Productions and Yamaoka is now in the independent Grasshopper Manufacture.

So, even if they give SH to a Japanese team there's no guarantee it will be like SH1-4, since it won't be made by Team Silent. The best chance would be getting either Kojima Productions or Grasshopper to make the next SH.

But even KP having most of the former Team Silent key members, they never made a survival horror under this studio, so they may lack the staff beyond those who already worked on SH... Grasshopper Manufacture had made a survival horror game a long time ago, before Akira Yamaoka joining, but it was mediocre at best.

Unfortunetely, Team Siren is the only of those developers still making Survival Horror games, which even has some similarities to Silent Hill, but they are Sony's first party, so that's out of question.

PS: I know this is kind of long post even for me... Sorry about that.

Rocket Sauce4739d ago

Daniel Licht (Dexter) is composing this game, and I think that cancels out Korn.

I can easily see something like this working for Silent Hill.

CrawFail4739d ago

Pyramid head shouldnt be in downpour. Just like it shouldn't have been in Homecoming or the movie.
It was James' projection.

Valvatorez4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

There was a swimming game on gbcolour where you could pick Pyramid Head.I wish I was joking.

tigertron4739d ago

James' projection or not, PH was awesome and I hope he stays.


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Vits231d ago

I mostly disagree with Downpour's position. Yeah, the game is not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but is much better than the HD Collection and Homecoming. The main issue is the performance, but that was mitigated by the patches, especially on the PS3. Personally, I put it a little behind Origins and The Room.

Having Restless Dreams as a different entry from Silent Hill 2 is also a choice.

bfrye26231d ago

Normally, we would not consider it a different game (Restless Dreams), but since it had a very different critical reception and had new content, it was allowed. As for Downpour, I would agree, but since that one is subjective, we let him make his case for the placement.

gold_drake231d ago

silent hill 2 is definitely the best one out of those.

for me personally, the whole ritual/cult stuff was always so weird to me in all the other games.

CrimsonWing69230d ago

No disrespect but I put SH2 over 1. 1 is fantastic, but 2 took it all up a level.

bfrye26230d ago

We agree, that is why the writer put it in top place!