Joystiq - Shadows of the Damned review: Hell and back

Richard Mitchell of Joystiq writes:
Combat aside, the world itself remains the star of the show. Garcia traverses a variety of locales, ranging from a tepid swamp to a demonic red light district, each punctuated with sights of his beloved Paula, who is repeatedly murdered and resurrected before his eyes. It sounds gruesome, and it is, but the narrative almost never takes itself seriously. No matter how dark the subject matter becomes, someone -- usually Johnson -- is always there to make a dick joke.

evercast4544d ago

Been playing for about an Hour and a half so far and this is another one of Suda's masterpiece stories!

Pintheshadows4544d ago

Awesome. I know what i'll be doing this Friday. Playing as Garcia Fucking Hotspur.

warrior99884544d ago

i want a travis touchdown skin lol come on there kinda simular

Ness-Psi4544d ago

to be honest i didnt know what to expect with this game and ive played some of it but im not to infused about it, i will finish it but im kinda of dissapointed.

phello4544d ago

One of the best lines ever in a game, "make sure and tell me if i have to f*ck a horse to open a door"
Game of the year just for that :)

Baddo_Ekkusuchi4544d ago

just finished the game, cant wait for no more heroes paradise! now onto the platinum!

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Syndicate Reboot Servers to Close

Electronic Arts has announced a number of server closures in the coming months, including Apex Mobile and the 2012 Syndicate reboot.

MadLad250d ago

What online functionality did Shadows of the Damned even have?

kevco33250d ago

My thoughts exactly! Some kind of score chart I've forgotten about?

coolbeans250d ago

Syndicate's big saving grace will soon be erased for good. I'll give *some* credit to EA in keeping servers up for 10+ years.

mastershredder249d ago

Oh yeah, an actual cyberpunk game. I have fond memories of the old bullfrog Syndicates.

IamTylerDurden1249d ago

Syndicate was a fun and high quality late PS3 fps that got swallowed in the sea of fps at the time. It was short and it didn't innovate but it had good visuals and fun combat. Starbreeze i believe. Rip Torn and Rosario Dawson.


10 Most Underrated PS3 Games You Should Play

The PS3 era was a happy time, so let's look back on some of its games that flew well under the radar.

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robtion511d ago

One of my favourite games.

I played all the games in the list, it is a good list but there were plenty of other overlooked gems. Several have been remastered now e.g. Catherine, Red Faction, Kingdoms of Amalur.

Some more you could add, Space Marine, Singularity, Killer is Dead, and a whole bunch of indies like Deathspank, Critter Crunch, The Last Guy.

Mobis-New-Nest511d ago

Haze is the greatest PlayStation 3 game to ever launch, it took first person shooting to a whole new level. Just shocked it never got a remake on PlayStation 5.

darthv72512d ago

Sad that the team behind Dante inferno did not get their chance to finish the story. They had two other games planned

P_Bomb512d ago

Did they? It’s been so long I’ve sadly forgotten most of the ending.

Venoxn4g512d ago

A decent list, I would add Black Knight Sword, Hard Corps: uprising

Relientk77512d ago

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Remember Me
Tales of Graces f
3D Dot Game Heroes
The Darkness