Suda51 Reclaims Rights of Shadows of The Damned

It seems that Grasshopper have finally reclaimed the rights to Shadow of The Damned and might already be working on a new entry.

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SinisterMister40d ago

Wow... loved that game in its time. Had such a Resident Evil-esque vibe.

scofios40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

The game was made in collaboration with Shinji Mikami father of resident evil .

Army_of_Darkness39d ago

This game was so awesome and fun! Great action, comedy and music! If they had a game plus mode I would have replayed it a couple more times to max out my stats!

Here's praying they do a solid remaster before releasing part 2!

SinisterMister37d ago

Wasn't aware of that, nice one man.

fei-hung40d ago

Same. Absolutely loved it and thought it was one of the most creative and fun games. People didn't get or like the Dick jokes but I thought it was so fun, lighthearted and didn't take itself too seriously.

People complimented DmC for being creative with bosses, but a lot of the great boss ideas were taken from this and Lollipop Chainsaw. Both Suda games.

Futureshark40d ago

PS5 remaster please! Loved this on 360, totally bonkers Suda51 game. Laugh out loud funny in places, especially 'Johnson'.

zsquaresoff40d ago

This game was awesome and so over the top, hope they remaster it for PS5.

monkey60240d ago

This game was beyond stupid and I loved every second of it!

CrimsonWing6940d ago

It’ll probably get censored now if they brought it back.

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The story is too old to be commented.