Looking back to 2011 and Shadows of the Damned’s Hotboner

Dave writes: "Shadows of the Damned wouldn’t be made nowadays. But there is a lot that’s sad about that statement. By all accounts it went through development hell, as studios tried to contort it into western-friendly shapes, but it doesn’t really show in the final product. This is still deeply weird, and very, very Suda51."

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MadLad833d ago

The game had its issues, but I freaking love it all the same.

Futureshark833d ago

This is a top game, and I remember giggling all the way through it.
Excellent script and unbelievable story, have a go!!

BigMalk833d ago

I loved the storybook readings. Great comedy that's missing from modern games.

Venoxn4g833d ago

Great game and good story. Wouldn't a remaster for current consoles and PC


Syndicate Reboot Servers to Close

Electronic Arts has announced a number of server closures in the coming months, including Apex Mobile and the 2012 Syndicate reboot.

MadLad193d ago

What online functionality did Shadows of the Damned even have?

kevco33193d ago

My thoughts exactly! Some kind of score chart I've forgotten about?

coolbeans193d ago

Syndicate's big saving grace will soon be erased for good. I'll give *some* credit to EA in keeping servers up for 10+ years.

mastershredder193d ago

Oh yeah, an actual cyberpunk game. I have fond memories of the old bullfrog Syndicates.

IamTylerDurden1192d ago

Syndicate was a fun and high quality late PS3 fps that got swallowed in the sea of fps at the time. It was short and it didn't innovate but it had good visuals and fun combat. Starbreeze i believe. Rip Torn and Rosario Dawson.


10 Most Underrated PS3 Games You Should Play

The PS3 era was a happy time, so let's look back on some of its games that flew well under the radar.

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robtion455d ago

One of my favourite games.

I played all the games in the list, it is a good list but there were plenty of other overlooked gems. Several have been remastered now e.g. Catherine, Red Faction, Kingdoms of Amalur.

Some more you could add, Space Marine, Singularity, Killer is Dead, and a whole bunch of indies like Deathspank, Critter Crunch, The Last Guy.

Mobis-New-Nest454d ago

Haze is the greatest PlayStation 3 game to ever launch, it took first person shooting to a whole new level. Just shocked it never got a remake on PlayStation 5.

darthv72455d ago

Sad that the team behind Dante inferno did not get their chance to finish the story. They had two other games planned

P_Bomb455d ago

Did they? It’s been so long I’ve sadly forgotten most of the ending.

Venoxn4g455d ago

A decent list, I would add Black Knight Sword, Hard Corps: uprising

Relientk77455d ago

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Remember Me
Tales of Graces f
3D Dot Game Heroes
The Darkness

Venoxn4g455d ago

..and Darkness 2 .. I personally loved it much more than first

455d ago
Limitedtimestruggle455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Enslaved is a terrible port on the PS3 mind you, it's a great game though. But the PS3 version is....brutally ass. I wish I opted for the 360 version when I played trough it a few years back lol.

darthv72455d ago

You still can. It plays and looks great on xbo / series.

SonyStyled455d ago

There’s some gems in the list but as far as “should play” MAG would be in a “should’ve played” for sure

luckytrouble455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Indeed. A bit hard to play a game that was entirely online with shutdown servers. A shame that it went from a game that could have been remembered for what it was, and instead is remembered as a poster child for why you should be wary of entirely online games.

MIDGETonSTILTS17455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

I enjoyed it while it lasted, thoroughly.

I had the most kills with my knife, I’d sneak ALL game, destroying AA batteries 🔪

Too bad the industry hadn’t figured out how yet to support online games long term with additional content and MTXs.