Looking back to 2011 and Shadows of the Damned’s Hotboner

Dave writes: "Shadows of the Damned wouldn’t be made nowadays. But there is a lot that’s sad about that statement. By all accounts it went through development hell, as studios tried to contort it into western-friendly shapes, but it doesn’t really show in the final product. This is still deeply weird, and very, very Suda51."

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TheRealTedCruz31d ago

The game had its issues, but I freaking love it all the same.

Futureshark31d ago

This is a top game, and I remember giggling all the way through it.
Excellent script and unbelievable story, have a go!!

sourOG31d ago

I enjoyed this game lol.

BigMalk31d ago

I loved the storybook readings. Great comedy that's missing from modern games.

Venox200831d ago

Great game and good story. Wouldn't a remaster for current consoles and PC