On Uncharted Sequels, DLC And PS3 Goodness

Opposable Thumbs sat down for tea and biscuits with Christophe Balestra, co-President of Naughty Dog, ostensibly to chat about the super-great-looking Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. And chat they did, Balestra trotting out some familiar sentiments when it comes to PS3 exclusives:

"In terms of Blu-Ray, we just couldn't have made Uncharted without it; with Uncharted we have almost filled it (91 percent). We're also using the hard drive to pre-cache data from the Blu-Ray disc. That allows us to stream up to 12 streams for sound, load level data super fast and more importantly to stream textures constantly to guarantee high-res quality on the screen."

91% seems such an odd number. Why not just whack in some HD cutscenes, fill the thing, eh? Balestra also divulges a little on future plans for Uncharted, suggesting it's but the first game in a franchise, and that the game's trophy (ie achievements) system will later be incorporated into Home.

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UnblessedSoul4867d ago

*and to give you an idea of the power of the PS3, we're using only 30 percent of the Cell processor.*

Yeah that's what I thought too

blusoops4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

This is a day one purchase for me!! The game graphics look amazing, animations are smooth, gameplay looks solid, and story is compelling...can you ask for anything more?!

Imagine what part 2 will look like!!

jackfatal4867d ago

about this game!! its a must for me this holiday season!!
i cant find something out there that is better!! i will give it 10/10

thereapersson4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )


*cough* ;-)


Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if Insomniac teamed up with Sony to make a CG Uncharted movie? We could have the next Indiana-style series on our hands.

rushbd4867d ago

they could make Uncharted an episodic series. you know releasing new episodes via PSN.

tbh I'd like to see them work on the sequel without that episodic thinkin on their mind. Because episodic content mean zero graphical or gameplay improvements. I'd rather see Uncharted 2 more detailed than ever. optimizing PS3 further. they are only able to use 30% of the cells power now. hopefully they'll be able to twice it by Uncharted 2.

goodganja4867d ago

Not possible on XBOX 360. Ouch!

AAA Review scores guranteed. Ouch!

Action adventure platformer, something Microboyz know nothing about. Ouch!

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Sam Fisher4867d ago

i always wanted to say that it feels kinda good ( dont get me wrong im fan of both consoles)

teto834867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )


thereapersson4867d ago

*gets the RRoD*


AllroundGamer4867d ago

rofl and not to forget "we need some damn towels quickly!!!" :)

razer4867d ago

The lot of you! It's freaking embarrassing that you can't resist taking a shot at the 360 because you are nothing but insecure.. It shows through your comments. I have no doubt this game will be good and Sony needs it because most everything else 1st/2nd party is garbage.. Come on now, stop fooling yourself because you know it.

Btw, I think we've already played this game and it's called Just Cause.. LOL

And of course this developer is going to stroke Sony like a cheap hoe! Funny you don't hear this from any other developers expect the one in Sony's back pocket..

I know it's hard being in last place.. ouuuccchh!

thereapersson4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Oh man, it's just a freakin' JOKE. Jesus Christ, you would think that because someone jokingly insulted the 360, that your mother died in the process! Come on, this isn't a retarded sibling, it's a hunk of plastic and metal.

Who's being childish now, retaliating with an immature retort of your own?

GaMr-4867d ago

Wow Razer calm down pal. They are just having a little fun. Remove the Rod or should I say "RRod" out of your assss and lighten up a bit. Your acting like somebody said "yo mama". They are only makin fun of halfed ass product (xbox360) with full ass hype. Don't believe its half assed just check the failure rate and tell me what you call that.

Anyways PS3 guys chill out. Uncharted speaks for itself bro. You dont need to add any insult to injury. Let the xbytches plan a recovery strategy when Uncharted wins GOTY. im outtie Peace

The Wood4867d ago

you sure are sensitive. seems you dont like the boot being on the other foot.


cant wait for this game. if your not excited by this games then you've either lost your gaming soul, honestly hate action adventure games or your a bot

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