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TheDetails always believed that at some point, the laws of diminishing returns would catch up with graphics technology. This would eventuate with real-time rendering hitting a “wall” of sorts, where adding exponential performance would not result in perceivable gains in image quality. This circumstance would lead to a period where real-time graphics would become “good enough”, causing hardware innovation to stagnate while software developers, blessed by a stable hardware feature and performance plateau, would embark on a renaissance of game design....

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Pandamobile4754d ago

There's still tons we can improve on, just not with this generation of consoles.

ATiElite4754d ago

Sorry but they are limited in GPU power and limited in Ram. They struggle to do 720p at 30 fps when Devs really pile on the eye candy and you can forget about AA as that just kills them. Sure many many games look great but lack so many new graphical features that have come out in the past few years.

The Witcher 2 PC is DX9 but it just kills any console game because of the all the eye candy and graphical features that would make a console choke. So yes it's time for new consoles cause at this point Crysis 2 or Uncharted 3 is as good as it's gonna get while Metro 2033 PC signaled the new era of graphical power not too mention Crysis PC 2007 still kills any console game.

and before anybody says "Graphics aren't everything" then I suggest you trade in your console for an Atari 2600. As graphics evolve so does game play.

SkyCrawler4754d ago

Guess we're at our communication limits also. Lord knows we only use the telephone cause we're struggling to find ways of talking to each other any other way.

ATiElite4754d ago

@ SkyCrawler

What the hell are you talking about? I don't think you thought your statement out very well B4 you typed it.

I'm talking about consoles which are CLOSED SYSTEMS that are not going to be upgraded and have reached their limits. Your talking about Communications which is a "category" that telephones, telegram, radio, voice etc. fall under.

Go back to the drawing board and try again...actually DON'T cause you will just embarrass yourself again.

SkyCrawler4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

so you did get what I was saying? :D

P.S. don't try so hard to sound like a douche. It makes you look..well douchey.

BrianG4754d ago

There is a flaw with your "Graphics aren't everything" argument.

I like the games I play now better than the games I've played on previous consoles, not just because of the graphics, but because of the story telling evolution's, connection to characters, gameplay mechanic evolution's, etc... etc...

Some of them are aided by graphics of course, like immersion.

So even if graphics aren't everything, I would still want a PS3 in my house, because everything else that makes up the game is available, and frankly better than it was in previous generations.

reynod4754d ago

Lol we have been stagnant for quite afew years when it comes to graphics due to console tech.

Active Reload4753d ago

A graphical wall? I'm not sure, but I do encompass art style into graphics and PC has hit a wall in that respect.

SpartanQ84753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )


SpartanQ84753d ago

ATiElite you're right man>> Big Agree

NukaCola4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Newer hardware will allow for 120hz 1080p 3D realism, sure but then you have to factor in the devs artistic approach. Graphics =/= Realism. Okami, WindWaker,& Flower are examples of graphical masterpieces. FFXIII is gorgeous as hell but the game is weak sauce. Just my thought. That's why I personally am excited for Last Gaurdian. Art style is what I look for the most in graphics.

RedDead4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I have to say, no game this gen has dragged me in to the characters like FF(2001 and before) other Square games for that time, Suikoden 2, MGS 3 and 1. Graphics are a bonus to me, sometimes they make you stop to look in awe, but for me they are of lower priority than..everything else(you can mix and match art style or graphics I think , although some games Art just destroys the 'quality' type like Gears and KZ"

So long as a game has decent graphics these days I'll accept it, Cod is fine for me. or atleast it's graphics are good enough for me, it's the gameplay and BS it has about it that I don't like.

longcat4753d ago

I would much rather see some software diversity that prettier graphics.

Another jump will result in another generation of 'safe" gamemaking.

ProjectVulcan4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

The nearest thing to a wall being hit will be the current processes for building semi conductors, which are predicted to stop shrinking by around 2025. New methods of construction or even entirely news ways of computing will be needed at that point to improve on any computing performance.

Just as it has been doing for the past 20 years the game industry will evolve, from sprites/vector to polygons to pixel shading. Rasterization might still be around in some form, while other methods of graphics could begin to become more viable as power increases.

While computer technology still moves forward then i believe we will see developers always hungry for more performance.

However if, and maybe when it stops or slows right down, then developers will be more satisfied with what they have and try to make the best games with the capabilities available to them. Be under no illusions though, that capability will be hundreds of times over and above what is in current consoles....

I believe that the first genuinely photorealistic games will end up racing sims. Capturing the human form or organic movement is far more difficult than capturing a car and a racetrack. GT5's replay mode with all the extra post processing isn't a million miles away now, so imagine what it will be like with one more generation.

HeavenlySnipes4753d ago

isn't the best looking game I've ever seen. Sorry if I disappointed you man....

DeadIIIRed4753d ago

It wasn't a wall it was a guard rail

subtenko4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Ok so ima pick up UNCHARTED 3 for PC in that case..oh wait... its not on pc..well gee...I wanna play alot of these great Sony PS3 1st party games :/ oooh wait! I'll just use my PS3 and get the game I wanna play!! Games that arent on PC :O

and before you say you would rather have the best graphics period with 2 PC games vs having hundreds of EXTREMELY fun games not on PC, then well...sucks for you!

Graphics are great but I dont just want great graphics, I want both games and graphics. So I got a ps3. I still pc game at times tho

P.S. (the human eye argument), do games look exactly like real life 100% in real time? nope.. games have a lot of work to do still..

lil Titan4753d ago

they still haven't maxed out the PS3 yet so what is this graphical limit im hearing about? exclusive after exclusive PS3 games look better than the last and without upgrading a graphics card or ram. i can only speak for the PS3 when i say its far from over in the graphics department

meetajhu4753d ago

The day we will hit graphical wall is when Santa Monica or Idsoftware optimizes games to run on DirectX 11 on PC!

Spydiggity4753d ago

lol...a "renaissance of game design."

like hell we would. we'd just get a 'new' COD, Madden, and NFS every year.

fatstarr4753d ago

I totally agree with you man


not even 5xbox 360s taped together could produce these results ( sorry for the gamecube/wii joke)

but seriously if you took the processing powers of 10 ps3's or 360's i don't think it could do these visuals at that resolution at that frame rate.

50Terabytespersec4753d ago

LOL all I see in this witcher 2 is RAM RAM RAM!!!
Nothing special or complex in terms of Graphics Rendering and Physics or models that are sheer amazing or massive depth of onscreen characters and Ai..
Same BS PC games with RAM RAM bloated 400 dollars GPU.
(better spent on a night out dancing with a human being or friends!)

ChrisW4753d ago

Every time someone brings up this arguement, we all seem to forget about Moore's Law:


RedSky4753d ago

No, but we have hit the wall of never ending generic FPSs.

RedSky4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )


^ Flick to half way through.

And yeah, Witcher 2 slays everything on consoles on a souped up PC. I have a PS3 and have played Uncharted 2 on it. See clip above on 1080p if you don't believe me. And 1080p youtube streaming pretty heavily blurs it by the way.

Not trying to start a flame war or anything but all I do is walk around a forest and cum starts shooting out of my eyes. It's really that good.

drosera14752d ago

I love my PS3, but this man speaks the truth. I also have a powerful PC, and games optimized for it (like the Witcher 2), blow consoles out the water. I can't believe you got disagrees, there really is no accounting for intelligence.