Your Character’s Reanimated Corpse Can Appear In Another Dragon’s Crown Game

In Dragon’s Crown, a Vanillaware developed beat ‘em up from Ignition, has a character sharing system. The warrior you create and customize can appear in another player’s game in at least two ways.

"You can give character data to a friend and even if you’re not there they can use your character in the game," Kashow Oda, Producer, explained to Siliconera in an interview. Dragon’s Crown also has a clever system where your character, more specifically its corpse, can spread virally.

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the_kutaragi_baka3334d ago

i really love the art style of this game!

can't wait for play this in my PS3.

miyamoto3334d ago

It's from the artist of Muramasa: The Demon Blade. It's indeed very lovely.

r213333d ago

customizable characters? so this means the characters shown in the trailers were the classes we could choose AND then customize or am i wrong?

miyamoto3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

you're right. Characters, weapons,powers,classes,stats are all customizable like an rpg. If youre familiar with Guardian Heroes, Castlevania Symphony of the Night plus death on Demon's Soul ... This game is right up their alley

r213333d ago

sweet! im looking even more forward to the game :D

Anti-Fanboyer3333d ago

Customizable characters you say? Interested I am.

MasterCornholio3333d ago

Sounds pretty cool to know that my corpse can rise up and destroy other players.