The Top 25 PlayStation Network Games

The PlayStation Network has been alive and kicking for nearly five years, and it's been a hell of a ride. There have been games that have scored a perfect "10," service blackouts, and plenty of Platinum Trophies. Now, the time is right for IGN to celebrate the network and pick the 25 best games on the PlayStation Store!

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Joni-Ice2678d ago

Shatter is good but not my #1 PSN game.

dangert122677d ago

1,Under siege (Best RTS on console and GOTY contender on a personal level)

2,Final fantasy 7 (need i say anything)

3,MGS (need i say anything)

4,Grandia (need i say anything)

5, Dungeon Hunters ( amazing must buy)

in no order just the 5 best imo

also is it just me or are psn's new releases out out doing blu ray releases cause

under siege, red johnsons chronicles and dungeon hunters. are 3 bad ass games only game on bluray thats come out this yr and ive liked is imfamous 2

psn id:greazy91
add me
i play better then i spell lol

HeavenlySnipes2677d ago

FFIX is rated higher than FFVII and Xenogears is the highest rated PS1 classic on the store (I'm talking the user ratings).

I think Dead Naton is a awesome PSN Game

dangert122677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

your from the us? i don't remember seeing xenogears in the eu :(

yeah deadnation is good i just don't have the drive to play that game as much as my over games though

Silly gameAr2677d ago

There's a lot of PSN games that I like, but my tops is Dead Nation definitely. I've put so much time into that game, and I'm so close to that plat I can taste it. I love the Sam and Max games too.

hilyou2677d ago

ff7, mgs r not psn titles cuz they r ps1 classics on psn, ign meant about full games that r only on psn.

dangert122677d ago


well in that case remove them two and replace them with
Trine and Ratchet and Clank quest for booty

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Nickster8002677d ago

What about fat princess, that games awesome and the online was addictive.

Capt-FuzzyPants2677d ago

Yea its way better than most of those games.

hilyou2677d ago

its not way better than most of the games, just better. Fat Princess did deserve 2 be in the list. I think it should hav been in the top 15.

deadoralive13372677d ago

Do people still play Fat Princess? I might redownload it and play it again.

Capt-FuzzyPants2677d ago

Yea people still play it I go on everyonce and a while.

Emilio_Estevez2677d ago

Me and a few friends play all the time. Game is awesome!

Christopher2677d ago

PixelJunk Monsters. Still my favorite.

Pacman3212677d ago

Wipeout HD is my favourite by far.

ddkshah2677d ago

Super Stardust hd in 3d :D sooooo addictedddd ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.