Starhawk: 10 Things That Need To Change (GamingBolt)

GB: "After going hands on with Starhawk at E3 2011, we decided to write a preview on what Starhawk needs to improve on. Warhawk was, and still is, one of the best online shooters available for the PS3. It offers a fast paced romp, but with the tactical depth of some of the best games in the genre. That said, with five years in development so far, Starhawk has had the time to correct the little flaws that were present in Warhawk. Here are ten improvements we'd like to see made by the time Starhawk launches next year."

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gameseveryday2680d ago

If they plan this well, they can easily create new worlds or planets that the user can fly to in their warhawk, or starhawk... and based on the worlds they create, there would be equipment matched to those styles of worlds, or alien beings that you can make use of their equipment, should be interesting to see... that starhawk needs more weapons systems tho, that gunner on the starhawk is going to get boring after awhile..

blusoops2680d ago

1. Melee button - already confirmed
2. Tutorials - you will have a single player campaign to learn the ropes.
3. Weapon selection - dpad is fine, shouldn't be changed. It's much faster than a weapons wheel IMO.

Karooo2680d ago

No hover mode sucks, but the game looks promising.

RavageX2680d ago

Dealing with bastards in hover mode is/was a pain in the ass. I'll miss it offensively but I'm glad its gone

Kleptic2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

agreed...tow pounding or whatever they'd call it was ridiculous...

and there is no Incognito anymore...Jobe left it and Incognito was split apart...and he started LightBox...not trying to nit pick, but it would go a long way when some journalist tries to write a '10 ways to ____'...why would anyone care about his opinions when he doesn't even get the developer right?


im just going to miss hover mode and running around swinging the knife, that was so much fun in small deathmatch fights

Overmind4202680d ago

Nothing beats the original Warhawk on the original Playstation.

MysticStrummer2680d ago

It was fun... but come on. Many games are better at this point.

newn4gguy2680d ago

I hope Sixaxis flight controls are still available. Incognito totally owned that technology!

I loved those controls.

mrv3212680d ago

More levels? Warhawk has like 40 levels.

Yes, they are TECHNICALLY map variants, however for example North Bridge plays completely different to outpost despite being the same map. They are in my view different level because most of them provide a completely different expereince, require different skills and some are more fun for certain players. Heck I LOVED North Bridge, only map I played, it just feels so good to get in a Jeeo ride full speed with some guy on the turret firing.

I also got my best kill, fully populated map, we spawned town side, they on the low ground, they planted mines, a LOT of them. I shot a sniper, hit the mine, they mis spaced them, set off a chain reaction. Destroy 2 tanks and 3 jeeps... felt epic.

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