IGN: TimeShift Review and "Noob Versus Pro" Trailer

TimeShift is a nice example of what developers can do with a game if given the proper amount of time to build on a game and improve its foundation. What a year ago looked to be a budget shooter worth only a passing glance has been reworked into a title that plays well and, at times, can look fantastic. It's a first person shooter that comes out in the midst of one of the busiest release periods of all time for the genre and, when all is said and done, can't quite keep up with the leaders of the pack. What it can do, however, is carve out a nook of its own where those interested will find an enjoyable game that plays well and looks attractive, but suffers from some design issues.

Overall score: 7.6/10

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MK_Red4876d ago

Great find and nice video/trailer. Still, after all the delays and revamps, it's a respectable score.