Design a Dark Souls shield to cower behind

Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes, "If Dark Souls is anything like Demon's Souls (spoiler: it's a lot like Demon's Souls), you'll probably spend a lot of time cringing behind a shield, a flimsy piece of metal the only thing between you and untold horrors waiting (or actively trying) to mutilate and consume your flesh. May as well make that flimsy piece of metal look pretty, right?"

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afterMoth2683d ago

Awesome!!! I hope they let quite a few into the game. Or even better customized shields (though I can see designs that would clearly look out of place).

dc12683d ago

I'm sure From Software will filter the designs appropriately. I don’t wont Sci-Fi in my DS!!

Kingscorpion19812682d ago

Unfortunately Dark Souls game play felt different than demon souls. After playing it at E3 it felt like they tone down the character ability and limited certain moves in the game and that's why the game will be harder.

Deputydon2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

You are the first person I've seen that has had that opinion.

To be fair, regardless of what most people claim, I doubt too many 'gamers' from high profile websites have actually sat down and really experienced Demon's Souls.

So you're probably right.

DarkFantasy2682d ago

well if lt's like demon souls then you 360 guys are in for a treat! enjoy!

I really can't wait Demon's Souls was like crack it's so addicting.

Deputydon2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Yeah, I went there.

Tetsuryu2682d ago

My big question would be, is entry strictly limited to Japan residents?