The prevalence of parrying: Why is it so popular?

Parrying has been creeping into more games, with almost every high-profile title of the last few years featuring it in some way.  Why?

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phoenixwing64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

i understand the authors frustration i'm not the best at parrying in games. not that i can't complete a game that requires it but it is a definite harder thing for me than other kinds of techniques in games. which might be the main reason it's so heavily added in games nowadays. want to make your game challenging without having to do a lot of work? just add a parry boss. (what i mean by parry boss is a boss you have to beat by parrying such that their attacks will kill you otherwise)

Dudeson64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I always think it's fine as long as such games also have the roll/dodge panic button. But I understand the will to parry, it seems so cinematic in a fight when you pull it off.


Kai Cenat Is Taking on the Entire Souls Franchise

ESTNN writes: "His past game marathons came with redesigned streaming rooms, costumes, cameos and other hyped additions. But the longest one of them all proved to be with FROMSOFTWARE's magnum opus: Elden Ring."

Inverno1d 8h ago

I hate to be that guy but, who cares?


Elden Ring Killed Gaming For Me & It's About To Do It Again

Saad from eXputer: "Utilizing its myriad strengths and masterful design, Elden Ring ruined gaming for me in a way I'll always be thankful for."

GhostScholar19d ago

It sounds like you’re just an eldenring fan and not so much a fan of games by and large. Which theres nothing wrong with.

RoadRacer18d ago

The author's profile appears to state otherwise. I believe they just got a massive shock with Elden Ring, something that stuck around. To each their own I guess

Crows9019d ago

Elden ring ruined from software for me....maybe.

I hope their next game isn't open world too...

ravens5219d ago

I have yet to beat Elden Ring. Not cause it's too hard , I've beaten Sekiro, Bloodborne, Demon Souls etc. Also I could just make my character op but I prefer to play under leveled. It's too big. I beat Radaghan or the moon lady last then got lost, lost for years lol. I'm going to beat it tho. Haven't played it in a while

Crows9018d ago

I platinumed the game but hated the open world aspect...started great but then after a bit you notice all the repeated dungeons and bosses...it got massively tedious and much preferred late game areas in a typical souls game than the open world repetition.

GhostScholar18d ago

The ole “I’m so good at hard games I had to play under leveled to get challenged and if I worked that hard in real life I wouldn’t be working at Walmart”

ravens5217d ago

? Don't work at Walmart or any type of retail...lol. But w.e. Makes you feel better about ya sad life 🤷🏽 lol. You probably just suck at games lmao.

19d ago
Aussiesummer18d ago

I loved it but yeah it is just overwhelmingly massive and confusing, I don’t think I’ll ever finish it.


Bonfire interview with Miyazaki Hidetaka: "Shadow of the Golden Tree" is the only DLC"

The large-scale DLC "Shadow of the Golden Tree" for "Elden's Circle" will be released on June 21. This is the only additional content for "Elden's Circle" since its release two years ago, and according to public information, its size will also be the largest DLC since the founding of Fromsoftware.

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