ModNation Racers PS Vita: Modding with your Fingertips

PlayStation Blog writes: "As most of you heard at the Sony Press Conference kicking off E3, we are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita. It was a great opportunity to share with you all some of the things our team has in store. For starters, the ModNation Racers PS3 Community has created in just over a year’s time over 2 million Mods, Karts and Tracks. All of which will be available to anyone who purchases ModNation Racers (Working Title) for PS Vita on day one. That means by using the online capabilities and processing power of the PS Vita, the ModNation team has made it possible for users to download any PS3 user generated creation and bring it with them on the go."

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Ddouble2682d ago

ModNation Racers and LBP on the PSV are going to provide a lot of fun. I more excited now about creating instead of jut playing everyone elses levels.

MasterCornholio2682d ago

Not really into modnation racers. But i looked at this to give me an idea on how creation could work with games like LBP