Top 7... Greatest Kart Racers (That Aren't Mario Kart)

GamesRadar - Kart racers endure as one of gaming's purest, most enjoyable genres. As developers continue to push the envelope with convoluted plotlines and complex mechanics, kart racers remain focused on one thing: fun. They're the sort of game your parents, siblings, and best friends can sit down and play together, and everyone will have a good time.

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Relientk771921d ago

Definitely Crash Team Racing (CTR) for me

-Foxtrot1921d ago


Crash is better then Mario Kart in my opinion

Don't see why Mario Kart hasnt adopted the hub setting for its campaign mode. Instead of the same old select your cup mode.

Relientk771921d ago

Yeah CTR is my fav kart racer, but Mario Kart is great too

bouzebbal1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I had so much fun with Diddy Kong 64.. I really love when the game has a story mode, it makes it much more catching. Modnation Racers is my all time favorite.

Modnation Racers
Diddy Kong 64

Top 7... Greatest Kart Racers (That Aren't Mario Kart)

2- Blur... Seriously? Then where are WipEout and Twisted Metal? A kart isn't a car

Geobros1921d ago

I liked more Diddy Kong Racing...

PoSTedUP1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

this^. planes, carts, hovercrafts: three different routes to take, air sea and land. a story mode with open world areas and hidden things to find/unlock. awesome mini games with the dino egg-transport-battle-thing (and if i remember correctly, you racing a dinosaur or some creature etc.). man, good times. huge/fun game.

Kevlar0091920d ago

That game was super fun. My friends had a playstation and I would stay with them a lot with my brother. Too bad it didn't make it as a regular franchise.

Caffo011920d ago

CTR is the best, still playing it with friends!

DarkOcelet1920d ago

Yeah, i still play it with my brothers from time to time. Its a great game.

chrissx1920d ago

CTR is number 1 for me. It felt more fluid and had better,tighter controls than mario kart

Perjoss1920d ago

i was really impressed with sonic all stars racing transformed. I played the original mariokart to death but i find that it hasn't evolved at all, easily the most overrated nintendo franchise.

higgins781920d ago

Have you played Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Double Dash, Mario Kart Wii and (in particular) Mario Kart 8? Overrated is not a term that applies to any game listed here. Anybody who is playing Mario Kart 8 today would testify, its arguably the best game of last year - and continues to delight.

Perjoss1920d ago

Ive played all apart from double dash and i just dont get on with the RNG nature of the gameplay. I also preferred Bayonetta 2 to MK8, just my opinion.

born_naughty1920d ago

I don't understand how Sonic all stars keeps getting mentioned in kart racing discussions. Aren't kart racers supposed to be casual games that can be played with the whole family? I don't have a single friend or family member that isn't a gamer that can make heads or tails (no pun) of Sonic all stars racing.

1920d ago
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