10 PlayStation Franchises I'd Like to See Revisited

Phil writes, "The PlayStation is home to a great many awesome franchises, and since the very first PlayStation, the brand has accumulated a wealth of exclusive first-party series. Sony as a publisher is not afraid by any stretch of the imagination to take a risk on new IP, and while that is no doubt incredible and worthy of praise, there are a lot of classic franchises in the PlayStation's past that need attending to, as well. From platformer classics to arcade racers, this list of ten PlayStation franchises is full of the ones that I'd love to see Sony return to. Note: The franchises on this list are ones that Sony (for all I know) has rights to, so no Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon, for instance."

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Relientk772023d ago

Legend of Dragoon and MediEvil

2023d ago
Wallstreet372023d ago

Loved Mod Nation, my favorite Kart racer of all time with innovative build and play and customization at the time.

Resistance-Resistance 3 campaign was one of the best campaigns ive ever played and i also enjoyed the mp. I love the Res. Universe.

Playstation All Star BR-I know im in the minority but i also own Smash on Wiiu and i enjoyed All Stars more and put way more hours into it. I would definitely like to see another one.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2023d ago

Fantastic list. Jak 3 is still my favorite game of all time.

2023d ago
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