CVG Review The Simpsons Game : 5.1

Truth be told, the most famous family on the planet are on pretty chucklesome form in their new game. The trouble is, while their numerous parodies of classic games are often missile-guided barbs that'll nuke your funny bone, they're surrounded by an absolute shatfest in gameplay terms that, stripped of its Grade A license and related idiosyncrasies, would normally be taken outside, beaten with a stick, strung up and strangled until dead.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

I thought it was average and cheesy.

Padre4870d ago

So it's full of crap.

RunamukK4870d ago

I was really hoping for it to play as good as it looks but sadly thats not the case. I think they should do like a simpsons sandbox game similar to gta. I think it would do really well then.

lawler4869d ago

Simpsons Hit & Run was something like that. Wasn't perfect, but it was fun.

rbanke4870d ago

Played the demo, thought it looked great, played terrible.

yaygames4870d ago

The demo was one of the most boring 10 mins of my life...
Shame, i had high hopes for this game.