Kinect Breakdown from E3 2011 Part Two

GPT: "Yesterday we covered half of the Kinect releases from E3 and today's focus has some of the better showcased lineup. We covered Two competing Dance titles yesterday and today will showcase some familiar franchises and a wrestling legend. Microsoft this year really focused on Kinect titles but did these titles look good?"

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VG_Releaser2735d ago

Kinect? You mean the entire MS press conference?

ShyGuy132735d ago

Sick of reading about E3...

EVILDEAD3602734d ago

Fable: The Journeyt actually looked great after Peter showed it to G4TV and confirmed it was NOT on-rails and that they removed the navigation from the press event to avoid mistakes.

The whole creating your spell from in the air thing is cool. People bashing the horse riding are trying to pretend that Red Dead Redemption wasn't last years Game of the year. Insead of pressing 'a' button your using reigns.

Ax for games like 'Let's Cheer' which did not make the stage..who cares? Those are games targeted at the young girl demographic.

Nobody bashes the Wii because Super Mario Galaxy 2 is released in the same year as Cooking Mama. Nobody bashes Move for on-rails Kung-Fu rider as well.


Nes_Daze2734d ago

Thing is, the young girl demographic doesn't watch E3. There is practically no reason for MS to focus on casual kinect games, when they can impress the audience that actually watches E3 with more core kinect games. I agree that The journey looks good, but since it's a fable game, idk what to expect. As for the Wii and Nintendo, they actually have a few core titles like SMG or Zelda to show off ON their motion controllers.

EVILDEAD3602734d ago

As for the Wii and Nintendo, they actually have a few core titles like SMG or Zelda to show off ON their motion controllers.

What does that mean? Nintendo has NO CHOICE but to show SMG and Zelda with motion control. The Wii ONLY has motion controls.

As for who watches E3, that doesn't matter. Micrsoft's conference was on Spike. Everyone else was on the internet. E3 is a PRESS conference. The PRESS is all that matters. So when the PRESS from CNN reports to parents that Sesame Street and Disney Land are for kids then you have potential customers for Kinect.

Nintendo showed Wii Fit, Wii music, Wii Vitality etc..these aren't to impress who watched's to grow the audience.

Micrsoft only showed a couple of casual experiences through Kinect, but their main bread and butter..Halo, Gears, Forza, Mass Effect, and Call of Duty were also shown as well.

Again, Microsoft is the ONLY conference that gets the criticism. The rest get a pass..

The point of Nintendo showing First party games of Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda using Motion controls of the Wii is exactly the same. The Wii motion controls are the ONLY controls it has. That is essentially the Wii's hardcore The only way to convince people to buy Nintendo products is to use tried and true franchises that people love and lead the pack over 3rd party. It is the same train of thought Micrsoft is not trying to emulate with Kinect. Now there are core franchises like Fable, Mass Effect, Madden, Ghost Recon etc. that are using Kinect. So who cares if some games like Let's Cheer (targeted a young girls) makes it on the system.

But if you watched E3 like millions did you would know that 'Let's Cheer' and Hulk Hogan never even came close to the E3 stage and were only showed on the floor. The only reason the world knows they exist is through the media outlets covering the event.

Micrsoft's conference was as effective as it ever was, but again gets unfair criticism for usibg the very same tactics it's competitors use every year.