Beowulf more interactive than God of War, dev claims

The scriptwriter on Beowulf the game has claimed that it is more interactive than PS2 classic God of War. Beowulf, which used God of War as "the reference" at the beginning of the game's development, also has better writing and more profound narration, narrative designer Gabrielle Shrager told Pro-G in an interview.

Shrager said: "Not to tout my own horn, but I think the writing is better and the narration is more profound in Beowulf than in God of War, which is a great story also, but more traditional. You have a level, you get to the end of the scene, there's a character that's standing there, gives the spiel and then you go to the next mission, and then you get to the end of that and then you get the spiel. We tried to make it a lot more dynamic. Our script is completely dynamic. You're getting minute by minute feedback according to what your status is, the state of your being as a player. You don't have that in God of War. So maybe it's more interactive in Beowulf."

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TooL 3164866d ago

i remember the conan devs touting their own horns a year ago, they insisted that their game would blow away god of war and im still waiting for that game, because conan is a piece of sh*t. lets she what happens when this game is released.

DrPirate4866d ago

Movie game wants to up against God of War?

I won't tell them, it's not possible.........but. Ok.

Good luck to you fellas.

va_bank4866d ago

... I'm still waiting for any movie game that DOESN'T suck.

Bonsai12144866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

this was technically a movie before it was a game.

oh wait, misread your post. sorry

nanometric4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

so what are we gonna do about it?

jackfatal4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

and those who copy god of war will be doomed!!
history always tell us that if a game copy another great new IP game it will never have the same impact!! besides GOW was so huge in ps2 so imagine in ps3 with 50GB space!!

there is also heavenly sword out there that is similar to GOW!! enough!! we dont need GOW copies we need new IP's

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The story is too old to be commented.