Exit Review for the Xbox 360 - 7/10

In this review, Eurogamer states:

"The game is at its best when it sticks to puzzles - and on that front, it's incredibly hard to fault. Occasional frustration is inevitable in this sort of game, as your logic will often fall at the final hurdle after getting everything right for a few minutes of play, necessitating a restart. However, this is one game where trial and error is an incredibly enjoyable approach, and gradually learning the tricks of a complex level, pushing the puzzle closer to a solution with each attempt, is an immensely satisfying experience.

It's certainly let down by some presentation flaws, and a bit of very weak AI path-finding - although, in the game's defense, you pretty much learn to compensate for that after a couple of dozen levels. Exit still emerges as a solid and enjoyable puzzle game - one that we would have been happy to pay 30 quid for on the PSP a few months ago, now available on your Xbox 360 for under a tenner. We wish it spent a little more time on puzzles, and little less on weak platforming - but we can't help but love it when a plan comes together."

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