MoDojo - Exit DS Review

Robert Falcon writes:

" When Exit came out for the Sony PSP a couple of years ago, players discovered quite a gem from the folks at Taito. This stylish platform/puzzle game features many strategic elements to keep players glued for hours, even though you'll have to put up with some extremely annoying pedestrians along the way. Now Mr. Esc, the game's hero, makes his way to the Nintendo DS with Exit DS. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't worth the wait.

The plotline is the same as previous versions of Exit. You control Mr. Esc as he works his way through building after building, rescuing innocents and averting disasters while walking to the exit. You don't run at a fast pace. Instead, you'll carefully move over objects, climb down ropes and up ladders. Along the way, you'll need to rescue innocent civilians who apparently can't take care of themselves, like the woman who keeps yelping about how she wants to go home. Yeah lady, we get the point. Now shut up."

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