Naughty Dog Interview Part Two: "It's a little bit like watching your daughter do porn"

Recently PALGN had a chance to catch up with Naughty Dog's co-president Evan Wells. They asked Evan whether Naughty Dog was completely finished working on the Crash Bandicoot franchise, a franchise that the company first worked on that is now being handled by Sierra and Universal Studios.

When asked the question Evan responded "Yeah, we have to be. Unless we go back to Universal and pay them a lot of money to work on the game that we created, then we're done with Crash Bandicoot. Unfortunately I love the character to death and those games have a special place in my heart, in fact CTR is the one game that I'll continue playing for years to come." PALGN asked Evan whether it was disappointing to see other developers work on Crash Bandicoot? and he responded "It's a little bit like watching your daughter do porn".

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Vojkan4866d ago

LOl one of BEST quotes EVER LOL

lynx1halo4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I guess that quote just about sums it up....that dirty feeling of having no control over something thats yours...LOL

@ gamesblow

gamesblow4866d ago

The xbox 360 being dependable... I mean, you bought it, but have no control over when it's going to RROD ya... Sahme, really.

gamesblow4866d ago

Evan's awesome! Ted Price and Evan Wells are two of the koolest people in gaming. Well, all of insomniac. As for Naughtydog... Evan's the cats pajamas and the tigers toe in eenie meenie miny moe. I can't wait to play it and to see what else they can give us for the ps3 next time out.

THX71684866d ago

I actually enjoyed playing Crash of the Titans. It's not top notch Naughty Dog quality though. It was mildly fun and entertaining. Definitely not worth $60 so I just rented it from GameFly and kept it for a few days.