FTG @ E3 2011: Star Trek Behind-Closed-Doors Demo

"In concert with the upcoming Star Trek reboot sequel (follow that if you can), Paramount is getting into the video game business by releasing a Star Trek movie tie-in game, aptly named Star Trek. The immediate, knee-jerk reaction to hearing about a movie-tie-in game is that it’ll most likely be a steaming pile of garbage, rushed out at the last minute whether its ready or not in order to capitalize on the release of the movie.'- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck4299d ago

Oh goody another movie tie in game hasn't the devs figured out that these just don't work.

maxcavsm4299d ago

If they do it right, this could be great...Army of Two: Star Trek...

ASSASSYN 36o4299d ago

Wolverine worked damn good.

Pintheshadows4299d ago

Apart from the fact this is Digital Extremes and most movie tie ins are made by shitty no name devs.

TheStonedSheep4299d ago

Not sure, I'll have to wait and see more before I make a final decision.

Pintheshadows4299d ago

I'm saying right now that this will be awesome.