Sega And Paramount Confirm Sonic The Hedgehog 3 In Development

Looks like they will keep this series going. Paramount Pictures and SEGA CORPORATION today announced that they have commenced development on a third feature film installment to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

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SDuck410d ago

this belongs in Filmwatch

Plagasx410d ago

It's a movie based on a popular video game franchise.. I think they could get away with this one tbh.

Garethvk410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

I flagged a movie one earlier and was told it was fine here due to game realtion. It was for Bioshock.

SullysCigar409d ago

I can see why you'd think that, when VR headsets news sometimes gets the "that belongs in TechSpy" treatment and is failed, despite being about Quest or PSVR...

Garethvk409d ago

I had always been told that movies regardless of content go on Filmwatch so I did that and then flagged the Bioshock news. I had three disagree and then the flag was lifted so I think it is under that rule that collectibles comes under where one post to announce it is fine but subsequent are not. So I decided to post since earlier in the day Bioshock was allowed.

MaximusPrime_409d ago

This submission counts as initial announcement so it's good to post on here. Follow-up news, trailers and the like aren't allowed.

-Foxtrot409d ago

Oh yeah the part of Newsboiler which is dead

Same goes for the others

The rules need changing, if it’s gaming related it should be put on here, means more things are posted and more traffic.

All it needs is a “Film / TV” tag

SDuck409d ago

The other sites are dead because instead of posting this kind of news there, they post numbers and DVD sales that nobody cares about. Quality control is lacking even here in N4G but majorly there.
Either way, you pointed out a truth I can't deny

monkey602409d ago

N4G is no longer the place to go for news. Its among the last places to see anything from within the industry now.

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Nerdmaster410d ago

It makes me worry about the quality of Sonic 2. I feel like every time a movie company says they're working on a sequel even before the previous movie is released, the quality of said previous movie is terrible.

Garethvk410d ago

Not to mention a tv series.

porkChop410d ago

Once the movie has been shot and they're just polishing up the CG and editing, there's no reason they couldn't start writing the sequel. The writers don't handle filming, and the film crew don't handle editing.

cell989409d ago

Could also mean they're confident in how well done part 2 is that they got the green light for part 3.

-Foxtrot409d ago

I feel the first Sonic film got the benefit of the doubt because they changed Sonics design and it got them good PR with people wanting to support them

I just don’t get why they added human characters, it should have just been set fully on Mobius

Sitdown409d ago

That's quite the stretch. Not only does it show confidence in the 2nd, but I think it would indicate a seamless storyline.

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hotnickles410d ago

I saw Netflix picked up Bioshock as well. I was excited until I realized it would be a Netflix movie. Their original stuff is okay but their adaptations are on the suck side.

Sitdown409d ago

I thought people loved Witcher?

HarryMasonHerpderp409d ago

I hated the Witcher tv series. Henry Cavill is great as Geralt and some of the monster's and fights are really cool.
Everything else is just really cheap and cringe to me though, the dialogue is awful and the story is boring.
Nothing has come close to Game of Thrones yet (at least the earlier series) in my opinion.

hotnickles409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

The first season was great. The second wasn’t as good. I agree that Cavill is great as Geralt but even he couldn’t save it in my opinion. Bioshock would be better as a series instead of a movie.

Sitdown409d ago

Oh okay, I haven't watched it...but only considered it because people were so positive about it.

hotnickles409d ago

Witcher could be one of the exceptions. The movie adaptations are generally on suck side. The series stuff is hit or miss.

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Knightofelemia410d ago

I still have yet to watch the first Sonic movie after Paramount and Transformers I am a little leery on Sonic.

cell989409d ago

It's pretty good for what it is. Jim Carey carries it

porkChop409d ago

I thought the first was pretty good. If you like classic Jim Carrey roles you'll love him as Dr. Robotnik.

Chocoburger408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

Its a bit over rated, and this is coming from a Sonic fan since 1991. Its a strange road-trip film, that doesn't make much sense. A popcorn flick in the truest sense of the word. But it is not an embarrassingly bad film, so keep your expectations in check, lower them, and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised, or at least, satisfied.
I honestly believe that the sequel will be better, or at least I hope so.

autobotdan410d ago

Where is the Altered Beast movie? I want a Space Harrier movie

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