Comic Booked - Ride The Lightning: An inFamous 2 Review

Comic Booked: This last week Sucker Punch released inFamous 2, the sequel to the shockingly good (pun intended) first game. The first inFamous game was a PS3 exclusive (as is this sequel) that generated praise from fans and critics, won an IGN award for “best story,” and even spawned a DC comic that bridges the gap between the two games! At the 2010 Emerald City Comicon I had the chance to talk extensively with game and comic writer, William Harms (super nice guy), and I have eagerly been awaiting this sequel ever since. I loved the first game; but could lightning strike twice? Would inFamous 2 live up to expectations? The answer, for this reviewer, is a resounding YES!

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Chaostar2685d ago

Just finished my first play-through yesterday (evil of course) and despite finding it a little 'samey' at first all the little gameplay tweaks add up to a fantastic sequel. My favourite addition is the unlockable ability to see the closest blast shard on the edge of the minimap, it made hunting those last few much more enjoyable.

I'm as excited to go into my second 'good' play-through as I was for the first, well done Sucker Punch.

TBM2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Im doing the good side first and let me tell you its very hard to rein in the amount of power I have without hurting innocent bystanders in the game. Once I finish the good side its on to the bad and imma let loose with everything I have lol.

sorceror1712685d ago

I'm following the same course I did with Infamous 1; first play through on good/medium, then evil/hard. It's easier when you don't have to worry about killing civvies.

TBM2685d ago

Im actually playing the good side on hard now to get that out of the way lol. Once bad look out New Mairas lol