Naughty Dog: PS3 Is Clever, Uncharted 2 Tech Wouldn’t Work On Uncharted 3

See that black box you have on your entertainment shelf called PS3? Yeah, it’s got “clever” tech, says Naughty Dog, and Uncharted 3 wouldn’t be possible using Uncharted 2′s engine build.

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theonlylolking4701d ago

“We’ve optimized so much – we always say we’re using 90 percent, 100 percent of the SPUs etc, but what we don’t say is how much we can improve that code so that we can do more with the same amount of processing power, and that’s what we’ve been doing this whole game, and there’s still tons of room left.”

snipermk04696d ago (Edited 4696d ago )

I don't think I'd disagree with ND. they are one of the few devs that have all the rights to be cocky cos they back up every word they say. I was blown away by the ship gameplay at E3. I've played some awesome levels before but not one where the entire level and environment is moving around u.

snipermk04696d ago

woops. My bad, you're right! I loved that level in GOW3 where u fought on a titan.

FAGOL4701d ago

November is soo far away!

SpaceSquirrel4701d ago

I can't believe some of the stuff they are pulling off.

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Pintheshadows4564d ago

The comma is giving me a nervous twitch. Decimal point. Decimal point. Decimal point.

Relientk774564d ago

I feel like 9.5 is the lowest score Uncharted 3 should recieve from any critic

ABizzel14564d ago

Unfortunately there are a couple of 8's out there, that based off every review I've read so far seems out of place, but whatever. It's generally accepted that Uncharted 3 is a 9.5 - 10 game.


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