More pack shots revealed for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition

Several new pack shots have been revealed for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition, showcasing several new individual high-resolution shots of the contents that will be in the package.

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Hitman07692689d ago

Drake looks like he's ready to pop some fools in the dome piece. Murder Simulators rule!

WhiteLightning2689d ago

I was really hopeing ND would of had a more expensive edition like the Epic/Legendary edition is to Gears 3 and Halo Reach.

For example maybe a bigger statue with Drake AND Elena/Sully, Drakes diary, Sir Francis drakes diary, a spanaird coin from DT, little black box full of resisn from AT and maybe something U3 realted like a map of Arabia with Drakes notes/markings on it.

What I'm trying to say is maybe ND could of went out a little more since Uncharted 3 COULD be the last Uncharted game on the PS3 untill the PS4. I know people arn't made of money but I bet they're is a few people who would of paid a little extra in 2009 for that Fortune hunters edition...and by little I don't mean the price it's going for on Ebay ¬¬

Tdmd2689d ago

I didn't like the statue... doesn't looks a lot like Drake to me...

metsgaming2689d ago

its an impersonator ! Anyway im getting this, well worth the money i always wanted nates ring.

MaxXAttaxX2689d ago

Better than RE5's buff Seth Green statue.

SilverSlug2689d ago



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