Eye of Judgment Intro video

"The Eye of Judgment is a unique combination of strategy card game and battle, played out with real cards and the use of the next-gen EyeToy camera. presents a new style of gameplay where the player. Through use of a 3' x 3' board and trading cards -- each encrypted with "cybercode" -- players conquer the field by selecting a card and placing the "cybercode" in front of the EyeToy camera for their respective character to come to life and battle. Each character has various skillsets, which will determine the outcome of the battle. Players take turns to place cards as they jostle for control of the board; the winner is the first player to capture five of the nine squares. The Eye of Judgment presents the player with more than 30 cards, as well as unique online and offline gameplay". -IGN

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tk4873d ago

Can't wait for this one. Checked out an Intro Video at a game store today - it looks like a lot of fun - if you like card games.

scrillakiller4873d ago

i tried to buy this game today and they said it wasnt released yet.i was at bestbuy.anyone have it?

crazy250004873d ago

its released but some places like walmart did not receive shipments yet....gamestop was sold out

SIX4873d ago

I picked mine up a futureshop. They seem to be in low supply though. The one I went to only had 3 in. It was the 3rd store I checked out. The previous ones where sold out. I think this game will do very well. I was surprised by how much fun it is. I had my bro and a buddy over and they where out all day today looking for booster packs to make the deck stronger. I think Sony has hit on a huge thing and if it takes off will be a killer app.

Badhabit0074872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

I bought it last thursday (25th) @ a FUTURESHOP in Laval. My friend bought it the same day in a FS at St-Jerôme.

Oh, by the way I like the game a lot. Very well done and addictive.



ericnellie4872d ago

The concept of this game is really cool. Just bought it on Saturday and I love it! The only thing is -- when you're in the store buy a couple of extra decks! The price 14.99 each and you should buy 2!! The starter deck is good but only comes with a couple of spells and you can't play with 2 people at your house (you can only play against the computer or online) since the game rules say each player needs 30 cards;). Game and camera set was as easy as can be-- LOVE THIS GAME!!