The Eye of Judgment - An Insider's Look at SET 3

Playstation Blog writes:
Hey everyone, Jason 'USMCOgre' Greeson from FPQA back to give you EOJ fans another Set 3 sneak peek. Set 3 is almost here and with it comes 100 new cards and tons of new strategies waiting to be discovered. Here's a heads up on some of the new cards and how they interact with the cards you've already been playing with. More Set 3 info to come next week when Set 3 launches on PSN!

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Real Gambler5105d ago

When you used go online to play a ranked game, you would get an opponent right away. Now, it may take up to 5 minutes. Still, it's better than driving to the nearest card store to find an opponent (like you must do for Yugioh or MtG).

It does seem that the fact that the game is now on sale pretty much anywhere, and since trophy are coming up, there's currently a surge of new players, or even old players who had put the game aside.

The game is almost one year old, and still going. Many one year old game I've died already. So I would say it's not doing so bad.

As far as card copying, I could not tell you. It's not a problem since most players have all the cards they need already. I think the first set got online and was hard to find, but from what I heard, the second set never made it. Keep in mind, only the hardcore pirate could find it. Those guys don't pay for a single game, so no matter what, it's not EoJ only that is getting hit... And from what I also heard, copy are really, really finicky to play. Dang, you really have to tweak your camera and lighting to truly enjoy the experience with real cards, so I pity people who play with copies. (And a very good copy probably cost almost as much as the original anyway)


I actually play eoj religously. I play with my son on Saturday afternoons. He adores it. We have alot of great eoj cards.
he watches cartoon network & really loves Bakugon right now. He's 11 now
so he brings his bakugon cards to school & duels it out with friends. Card dueling
is popular with the kids bro but to be tottally honest since playing my younger brother had got involved
& he is 28 & we have a blast online. Its become a rivalry.

The developers are obviously supporting the game so that shows me there are alot of fans still playing.
I never had a problem finding anyone online. I played against this italian guy who had some good freaking cards
but we had the language barrier thing going on ya know.

Eoj is a friends game first & foremost. It can get expensive because its addicting. Very cool for when kids are at the house. I can't wait to get set.3 & build a new deck of powerhouses. Gamestop & toys r us are really selling out these cards so psn better lower the price this time.

I'm excited.

thereapersson5105d ago

It's good to see you so excited to play this with your kid. This is the kind of parent-child interaction that needs to happen, instead of the polarity where the kids play the games, and the parents don't get involved, only when they have to complain about the games they let their kids play in the first place.

In actuality, I still think this game is one of the best innovations this generation of gaming. Sure, it might not have AAA production values in terms of story, etc., but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Plus, how can you go wrong with a game that basically lets gamers get the closest they will ever get to actually being in a real monster card duel (ala Yu-Gi-Oh!).\

Did they ever fix the card exploit, where people figured out how to duplicate them and trick the game?

MAGNUM RAM SUPPORT5105d ago (Edited 5105d ago )

check it out. Sign up for

These guys see themselves as guilds. Become part of the BooM!
EOJ is that dam good.

I'm still waiting on that email confirmation though ?