The Eye of Judgment Trophies list have the list of trophies for The Eye of Judgment.

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rbluetank4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

i was going to buy this game for christmas just for the camera. The camera is what i really want...!!! I will need that camera for the future games to come maybe like YUHGIO card game on the PS3 hardware..!! Sweet!! or ect... i do not have bubbles so;please do not ask me to respond. lol

badz1494649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

how to interest gamers into playing this game! Trophies will surely attract existing players back and new players alike. maybe I'll try to browse ebay if I can get this for cheap

TheHater4649d ago

agree, I for one will be playing this game back :)

ReaperXL74649d ago

Hopefully this will attract more players, this is a very underrated game in my personal opinion and it deserves the attention.

They really tried something new with this so I think it should get some credit.

TANOD4649d ago


Gambit074649d ago

I got this recently and I love it. Trying to locate some older cards though...