The Reticule - Trying To Find A Real Rally Game

Rally games like DiRT 3 are all well and good, but what do you have to do if you want to experience life like on the real World Rally Championship with long brutal stages and more than eight stages to an event. Stopping off at WRC, DiRT 1 and Colin McRae 05, is there still a real rally game out there? Chris Evans thinks so.

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GMWPS34374d ago

I am with the writer 100%. Network Q rally from 1996 had the proper rally feel. I only wish someone would take that game and only update the graphics, sound and current stage setups. I find all the new rally games rather casual-gamer. In Network Q, there was rain, lightening, varying surfuces and grip, cars accumilated dirt pretty much forever till you ended the stage, damage etc. It was the real deal!

Chris Evans4374d ago

Oh yes, to have a game that brings the feel of Network Q into an up to date engine would be immense. It wouldn't necessarily have to have all the nations on the WRC, keep it simple with the GB rally, get all the stages in, make them feel real and intense. Sorted.

I'm sure there must be an audience for that kind of rally game still.

GMWPS34370d ago

I agree and hope someone will do it. Rather than trying to make the most money posible against every other game, they should try to make the best rally game possible and secure a loyal 'hardcore' following then the money will follow.

Chris Evans4368d ago

They should GMWPS3, DiRT is fun and all and is going to sell brilliantly all the time, that is the nature of the game. But there is surely an audience still out there for a 'proper' rally game. I would snap it up in an instant. I just wish WRC had worked out better than it did, it had such a great idea, it was just a shame they couldn't fulfill the potential.

Perjoss4374d ago

also, I know DiRT 1 didn't have the best handling but this was an amazing stage :)

Chris Evans4368d ago

Yea the DiRT handling wasn't the best, but it did have some really good rally stages, I remember the Japanese ones, flying down those mountains in the wet in a powerful C4 was quite an experience.