10 backwards compatible Xbox games you must play

Xbox One’s backwards compatible games are out: here are 10 you should be revisiting right now.

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WitWolfy1069d ago

And I'm just sitting here waiting for them to announce Witcher 2.

rmw2hot871069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Been occasionally playing gears 3 multiplayer on Xbox one. I did experience some framerate dips, hopefully it will have a update to fix it but its still playable. it feels good to play gears 3 online agian, I will never get sick of playin this game it's a masterpiece.

iistuii1069d ago

I don't get it as its not everyone which is weird . I've got mine running perfect yet I went around my pals to see his as I thought he was exaggerating & his is awful, it doesn't make sense..

Animal Mutha 761069d ago

Can I make a suggestion,

Ensure you close all apps running in the background first. You can do this by highlighting the main window and closing the apps from the menu key.Repeat until all closed.

I've found that helps with some games. COD ghosts for example freezes every 2 mins for a few seconds if anything is running in the background.

Back compat for me so far has been great. Southpark SOT and Call of Juarez gunslinger work fine. Fallout 3 also appears to be ok.


iistuii1069d ago

Yeah I will tell him. As I say mines fine, but good advice cheers.