Free Games in November 2015 - Showdown

Every month, two armies stand in a field and stare at each other in an intimidating manner. A battle royale ensues. Sony and Microsoft stand at arm's length from each other, slapping each other with white gloves in a distinguished fashion. Actually, they just give away free games. Which lineup rules the roost in November 2015? Let's turn to the tale of the tape.

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generalwinter1107d ago

Love that we get the Walking Dead Season 2! I will be all over that.

Digital_Anomaly1107d ago

Def interested in Pneuma and Dragon Fin Soup!!

MRBIGCAT1107d ago

This month PS fans win..... IMO

hello121107d ago

Not sure about that all four games will be playable on xbox one in two weeks.

Paulhammer1107d ago

That's a nice feature certainly, but Sony's games are clearly better this month.

AngelicIceDiamond1107d ago

@Paul He has his opinion, and you have yours so its all good. All 4 of those games will be playable in the next couple of weeks that is fact.

But its just a matter of opinion and tastes at the end of the day.

Paulhammer1107d ago

@Angelic Totally, Everybody wins with free games.

Aenea1107d ago

Good for you, PS4 usually has 3 or 4 games that can be played without needing BC 'cos of cross-buy stuff. This month there are 3 for PS4...

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AngelicIceDiamond1107d ago

Mass Effect 2 and Beyond Good And Evil that right there is enough for PS3.

Knight Squad and Dungeon Siege III are more of my tastes. Both look great to me personally.

elarcadia1107d ago

Dungeon Siege 3 is not a great game, but it is super fun. I enjoyed it my first play around, and am excited to be able to play it trying other characters now!

elarcadia1107d ago

Even though I know you can bring your choices over form Season 1, I think it is slightly ironic that the XB1 has Walking Dead Season 1 for free, and the PS4 has Seasons 2. So for those of us that own both systems...huzzah!

Spenok1107d ago

They made Season 1 available on PS3/Vita a while back. This is just for those who had patience. I.E. Me xD

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