Bethesda alleges Interplay intends to "undermine" Fallout 3's plot-line

No Mutants Allowed has received some recent court filings in which Bethesda petitions for a temporary injunction against Interplay again, noting the launching of the Fallout Online website and alleging "Interplay intends to use the copyrighted Fallout artwork and backstory, which is undisputedly owned by Bethesda, to undermine the plot-line of Bethesda’s awardwinning Fallout 3 game".

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sonicsidewinder2692d ago

Good. F3 by all intents and purposes is a spin-off anyway.

JsonHenry2692d ago

^^ This. Not saying I didn't enjoy it. But it never felt like a "real" fallout game to me.

AntoineDcoolette2692d ago

Weeellllllll FO3 takes place on the east coast isn't there enough room inn the FO universe for east and west coast stories? : (

Bolts2692d ago

Fallout Vegas felt like a real Fallout game, in fact it's more of a Fallout 3 than Beth's Fallout 3.

Deadman_Senji2692d ago

Bethesda, you undermined the plot-line of the entire series so I don't want to hear it.