Top 10 Cancelled Video Games

Throughout the history of modern gaming there have been over a thousand games that should have been - titles that already had a following and very eager audience but an audience alas that was destined to be disappointed. Here is Chris' Top 10 take.

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rodiabloalmeida1536d ago

The Last Guardian should be on that list. I doubt it's gonna ever be released.

nX1536d ago

It has not been cancelled.

r1sh121536d ago

the countless number of star wars games..
Cant remember they guys name, but he came into lucasarts and literally cancelled everything.

its insane.. They would have made a crap load of cash from many games released (not force unleashe)/

NukaCola1536d ago

Well for me it's B.C. on the original Xbox. I wanted that more than FABLE. Oh Peter, how you never fail to disappoint me. Also, I am sad American McGee's OZ never came out. Such amazing concepts went into it, but never saw the light of day.

DoctorJones1536d ago

Agent. And The Last Guardian.

nX1536d ago

Both haven't been cancelled officialy.

clevernickname1536d ago

Neither has Starcraft: Ghost, but we aren't deluding ourselves.

DougLord1536d ago

Highlander sounds really cool, I could see it done like AC. But what would be far better is a MMORPG. You need to keep actually being a highlander relatively rare, and you don't want to have huge fights between 100 highlanders at once. It would also be difficult to implement the 3,000 year timeline and keep the Highlanders from just crucifying the lowbees.

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The story is too old to be commented.