10 Games We Wish Wouldn't Have Been Cancelled

Many games have to travel through a long arduous journey before they can see the light of day and make it to the shelves. Unfortunately, some titles are not as lucky and end up getting cancelled. These are 10 games we wish wouldn't have been cancelled.

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Roccetarius2285d ago

Prey 2 was Bethesda showing their true colours, unfortunately. The death of that was due to backhanded tactics in order to force an easy aquisition.

medman2284d ago

How about Rockstar's Agent?!?!?!

Spikeantestor2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Was Prey 2 ever officially cancelled? I could have sworn Bethesda was trying to find another developer.

Anyway, not sure it counts cuz it wasn't technically in development but, Shenmue III.

darthv722285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

You mean Shenmue III.

and what about games announced for platforms that never made it out but still released on other platforms?

Alien colonial marines on the wii-u comes to mind. despite its flaws, using the gamepad as a motion tracker screen just looked like a cool bonus.

edit: you made the correction. ;)

DefenderOfDoom22285d ago

I believe someday Bethesda will make Prey 2 . I hope after the new Doom game comes out , ID Software will make a sequel to RAGE.

Roccetarius2285d ago

Prey 2 looked pretty damn good even from the E3 showing. It's not often we actually get a Bounty Hunter game.

WizzroSupreme2285d ago

Sure wish that awesome Avengers game could've gone all the way before THQ went under.

OhMyGandhi2285d ago

great list.
Stars wars 1313 and Prey 2 were particular blows to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.