Spong: inFamous 2 Review

"A gold star all round for inFamous 2, a sequel that shows respect to gamers and its prequel alike while attempting to add powers, story, graphics, and one shining piece of comedy in the form of a mission in which Zeke and Cole drink beer before Cole achieves a new power. That mission is, without doubt, one of the funniest and at the same time most knowing pieces of game writing I’ve ever seen.

"All in all, in a game design environment nearly bereft of imagination and value for money, inFamous 2 deserves to be on your PS3 despite its occasional descent into formula and an ending that I’d suggest could be about 90% more engaging. I won’t be replaying it as much as the first title, that’s for sure. However, it remains value for your cash and is head and shoulders above the majority of PS3 titles currently available."

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Pintheshadows2688d ago

See, this is a well written objective review. Great score as well.

Why o why2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The part with the beers was funny. You should see the table in front of them after a couple hours had past....classic

ElDorado2688d ago

What's going on? Raise it up! Normally reviews get lower, but with inFamous 2 it's the opposite way. I have finished it both evil/good karma. Believe me, it's way better than the first inFamous (which was Epic!)

GOODKyle2688d ago

Agree with you right there. I've gotten the platinum trophy to inFAMOUS 2 and I'm still having hella fun with UGC.

Cloudberry2688d ago

Cole McGrath of inFamous is as guest fighter in Street Fighter X Tekken!?!?!?


Kon2688d ago

I see you lost the entire Sony conference.

Cloudberry2688d ago

I just logged in N4G by the time their conference is over + I'm at work here at my office.

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