Crysis Graphics On A High-End DX9 PC

The game may look great on a super PC, but for those who have DX9 gaming PCs might be disappointed with the graphics... take a look.

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QUNE5811d ago

people will pick this game apart.. Just wait. It's happening already.

orange145812d ago

It still looks alright but it's not much compared to the screenshots we've seen of Crysis on high.

Gorgon5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

This thread is quite stupid, and reason the is that there is not much difference between the dx9 and dx10 versions. The basic difference is that in dx9 you can play up to High level and in Dx10 up to Very High level, but the difference is not very noticeable. The truth is, what matters is the power of the pc, not if it is in dx9 or dx10. and sorry, but the game is not worth the cost in hardware...

Contributors should be a bit more carefull about citing posts from forums...

rbanke5812d ago

I'll take slightly worse graphics over being forced into vista anyday.

Dpa5812d ago

I have a 7600GT and an AMD 3500+.
I can run the demo on medium settings at 1152x864 resolution and pull ~30 fps which is most definitely playable. And it looks gorgeous, these screenies don't do it justice at all.