Mass Effect 3 and its Kinect functionality finally shows off the true gaming potential

CG - "In a day filled with big “reveals” and non-stop news, something definitely stood out for me in the Microsoft press conference. It seems like Kinect is finally coming into its own. And that’s saying something coming from me. From the very beginning of Kinect’s life, I have been very pessimistic of the device. With the lack of ‘gamers’ games and poor controls, I seemed to be dead on with my predictions…until now."

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Warprincess1162691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I rather use my controller. It more faster.

epicdestroy2691d ago

That's the beauty! You can (and have to) use BOTH!

Lou-Cipher2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yep, not only is it faster to use a controller, but more importantly, You dont need Kinect, or any other camera to pull off voice commands in ME3. Use a Mic.

Im sure Microsoft begged BioWare to implement it in ME3 just so they could insist to the weak minded that it is one more reason to own Kinect.

Rhythmattic2691d ago


I wonder if MS lock out the Use of its packaged headset for voice commands?

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JokesOnYou2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

"I rather use my controller. It more faster."

By the same logic why not just use 1 button to do all actions?= "It more faster." lol, and easier too, but thats not why we PLAY games is it? We play because of the immersion level we get from interacting with the gameplay via the control system. At least thats why I started gaming all those years ago and thus I'd love anything that compliments my standard control for a badass game like ME franchise.

Its OK haters gonna hate but I know I'll definitely put my kinect to use again with ME3.

Varodor2691d ago

sure the headset would work fine, but why cheap headset when you can buy kinekt

Rhythmattic2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Wrong Comment Reply..

badz1492691d ago

What shown off ME3 Kinect can be done without the $150 peripherals! a mic will do but no...they made people believe that this can only be done with Kinect!

epicdestroy2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Fair COULD be used with the headset as well...but that would mean you could use the headset to take advantage of ALL of the voice commands they talked about in the press conference...doubt Microsoft would LET that happen since all the "new" features will sell more Kinects!

Or Microsoft could turn off the headset function and MAKE you use the Kinect for all voice command functions...which sounds more likely.

@badz - Ah...must have misread your comment... It's a sneaky ploy by M$...but it intrigues me nonetheless...

badz1492691d ago

they are trying to make people believe that only Kinect can do what is being done in ME3! they or even EA will never let this feature to be used without Kinect although it's 100% possible! and I doubt people will rush out to buy Kinect just to play ME3! nice addition to gameplay but nothing to buy a Kinect for!

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Godmars2902691d ago

I thought it showed that MS skipped a headset they include with the 360 for something extra you have to pay $150 for to semi-replace a function you already use you controller for.

despair2691d ago

lol, this is a joke right? $150 to do what a simple headset can, plus I am not reading out ever frigging choice to the system, and it will be much faster to perform the tactics manually than with kinect and that's assuming it actually works properly which I doubt it will for the average person on their couch 6+ feet away from the kinect sensor without shouting or talking loudly.

I love ME2 and I'm liking what I'm seeing of ME3, but not with kinect it just looks dumb to me.

BrianG2691d ago

The Future Soldier demo was more impressive showing of what Kinect can do. All Mass Effect 3 showed was what "Headsets" can do.

Ever hear of Endwar?

Have to say it looked interesting, but certainly doesn't require Kinect by any means to achieve those same results.

badz1492691d ago

but that's up to the point where you customize you weapons! playing it with Kinect is another story! I know I DON'T want to play my games in THAT pose!

Disccordia2691d ago

I don't think you can actually PLAY Ghost Recon with Kinect. The "demo" they showed is just a part of the game where you can test the weapon you created, at least that's what I got from it.

BrianG2690d ago

At Above comments,

Oh I know, which I think is funny as well, I was just trying to show that even the non gameplay future soldier demo showed more of kinect usage than the Mass Effect 3 gameplay.

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hazelamy2691d ago

could the ps3 and pc versions not include this functionality as as well?
you don't actually need kinect for voice commands, any mike should work.

hell i've played xbox 1 and ps2 games that included voice commands.

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