E3 2011: Xbox Conference: Highs and Lows. Everything we loved. Everything we hated.

Death by motion-control or Xbox of delights? Our verdict.

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ASSASSYN 36o3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Where the heck was steel battalion heavy armour? This article didn't know weather to hate or love kinect. It hates kinect usage in games but praises it's use. I agree with kinect usage in games for disabled gamers. I have recommend kinect to fellow disabled veterans who find it hard to use game controllers but can't stop trying to play games. That is the perfect feature of kinect and it's versatility for all gamers.

Bluemaster773458d ago

I hated most of it and im a 360 guy smh

BakedGoods3458d ago

Yeah, I really can't imagine playing all these Kinect games for more than 30min-an hour. Thank god they threw us a bone with Halo 4/remake though.

WhittO3458d ago

You know, I would give all of this Kinect Voice input a chance if you didn't have to shout loud and clear at ur TV every single time to give a command in a game.

You would have to play in almost silence for it to pick you up accurately.

I just can't see this happening through the ENTIRE game of ME! Like anyone will give that voice input more than 30 min.

I think they should enable headsets to work with Kinect, so you could have audio on in the game background and wouldn't have to shout at your TV for hours...

theIMP3458d ago

I've never had a problem with the voice commands on Kinect. It works better than any other voice command devise I’ve ever used. I don't think I’ve ever had to say anything twice, and I have to kids running around the house. I don't know why you are saying you have to shout, you don't. I just give a command in a normal tone and it works right away. Have you ever used it? Or are you just going by what people on here say? If you have to yell at your Kinect I would return it because it’s not working right.

OT: I think the voice commands for core games is an awesome use for Kinect. I don’t even use my headset anymore the mic in Kinect is bad ass IMHO.

SKUD3458d ago

Nope. No highs at all.

live2play3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

had to be high to enjoy that...
(just a lame joke, drugs are bad for you)

SKUD3458d ago

Drunk and on meth. Not even ICE T could save a that hoe.

live2play3458d ago

poor ice t xD "hord mord"

drewboy7043458d ago

Halo 4? well at least i think someone was excited to see another entry in the main series

NateCole3458d ago

lol!. What did you guys expect?. MS did say they were focusing on Kinetic and thats what they did.

Just_The_Truth3458d ago

and they didn't even do that well. What happened to steel battalion, the dragon game, rise of the nightmare(which comes out in a week) etc. no instead they show disneyland and a broken mintue long star wars game. BTW kinectic was a game on the eyetoy.

tunaks13458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

really lame conference, seriously why show an elmo game at e3, nothing against that game or Tim S but I don't think people at e3 or people watching the live feeds are going to care
about it. Talk about the wrong target audience.

Almost every second of that conference could be made into hilarious gifs, its like it was intentional.

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The story is too old to be commented.