UGO: Which Springfielders for The Simpsons Game Sequel?

Fed up with daydreaming about The Simpsons Game after its tantalizingly short downloadable demo, UGO editors decided to help EA along a bit by looking to the future. Read on to find out which 11 Springfielders they think would be most welcome as playable characters in the coming game's inevitable sequel.

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DemiseofPandas4875d ago

Why does Ned's description resemble Milhouse?

geminibros4875d ago

I saw that too... I'm sure it'll be fixed on Monday.

Skerj4874d ago

Uh what about Jasper and Crazy Cat Lady? They are by far my favorite characters outside of some of the main cast.

The GOAT4874d ago

Definitely need Ralph, Moe, & Moleman