Skyrim vs Oblivion: graphical comparison will amaze

SystemLink: "2006. 5 years ago. A simpler time when High School Musical ruled the charts, the world had no fears of recession or depression, and Oblivion was released for the Xbox 360 and PC (it arrived a year later for the PS3, the new kid on the block). A time in which we all agreed that Oblivion was a graphical powerhouse; "Look at the textures! So lifelike!" or "Those NPCs look so much like severely mutated humanoids! Amazing!".

How times change."

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ThatCanadianGuy2696d ago

My game of the year! Looks amazing.

Totally going to run through as an archer/thief/assassin on the first playthrough.Always use swords in any other RPG but i just love the FPS-feeling of the bow.Hunting those mammoths and giants will be a blast!

xtremegamerage2696d ago

Looks ok, better then oblivion. But should be alot better looking for those with highend rigs.

Myze2696d ago

Honestly wasn't too worried with the graphics for Skyrim in any part other than character models. Oblivion character models were terrible even for when the game was released. Skyrim models look to be light years ahead in terms of quality (and realism, and natural, and ...well, not make me spend hours trying to find a model that I'm just "not-ok" with, rather than pissed off at).

Wasn't worried about scenery or effects in the game, I'm sure they will look great.

somerandomdude2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

For a game of that size and scope, those are really good graphics. I'm not sure if the graphics are going to be better then witcher 2 (a game of 15 gigs), but Skyrim will be much longer and have more world to explore. That's the trade off.

Myze2695d ago

Highly unlikely Skyrim will look as good as Witcher 2 (which is one of the best looking games ever, imo). It will be bigger though. Although, if it's anything like Oblivion, the actual storyline will be incredibly short, with 80% of the game being side missions (something I think The Witcher 1 and 2 did much better than the Elder Scrolls games: story over size).

I honestly don't expect to like Skyrim as much as I did Witcher 2, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of completely open world games due to their lack of focus (some linear aspects are good for purposes of storyline, and it is an RPG after all). That being said, I liked Fallout 3 a lot, so if they can make the gameplay as fun as FO3 and have a good, long storyline, it will be a good battle for The Witcher 2, and we all win either way in that case.

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gunnerforlife2696d ago

at above, this is how talented white people rap here in england

MidnytRain2696d ago

I'm gonna be honest, bro. That would have sounded alot better without an English accent. XD

tdrules2696d ago

Once it's modded on PC it will look even better

Coffin872696d ago

Couldn't agree more, I have installed Oblivion on my new Gaming-Laptop, I can literally tweak it into oblivion with ini changes and texture mods, it looks AMAZING.
The best thing about Bethesda games is the mod support, and of course the community. Amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.