The Metal Gear Solid HD collection has multiplayer

None of the PS3 HD collection has had a multiplayer. The original multiplayer was always removed for different reasons. It seems now that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will have a multiplayer.

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Catatafish2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Besides this being a BS story (which I refuse to click on).

This is exiting and the story could only be referring to MGS3, which up until MGS4 was the only MGS game to feature a multi player mode. MGO from MGS3 on the PS2 was awesome and I would love them to make a HD update of it available. Day one if so.

Still won't click or approve the story as a


It has MGSPW multi player (from PSP + 2) and no MGS3 MGO multi player :-(

Kingsora2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

If you look at it, there are screenshots that prove it. It's not a made up article with strange theories. So actually you don't even need translate google. But it's the policy on n4g :)

WhittO2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Lets all HOPE the multiplayer is leaps better than the mess that was MGO that came with MGS4, that was just pathetic, not even the game itself, but the amount of AWFUL & poorly designed menus you had to go through to get into a game just made me give up on it.
It was chance you got into a game you wanted lol, or the people you were in the game with actually played.

Then there was that whole Konami ID thing...

news4geeks2781d ago

MGO2 was awesome. One of the best multiplayers around. But I agree the set-up should be more user friendly.

WhittO2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

^^ Ye the game itself was actually quite good, just really bad everything else to do with the game.

I remember the servers going down for ages to? And you couldn't create/login to Konami ID thing lol, and you had to download that big update that would take soo long to download off their servers...or just not work at all haha.

Poopee2781d ago

Do people still play Metal Gear Online? I still don't have MGS 4 (need this first =D).

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sinncross2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yes no MGS3 MP because from what I have gathered these portsi nclude the original releases of MGS2 and MGS3, nto their 'SUB' rereleases with the additional content that included MP in MGS3.

Kingsora2781d ago

If you read the article it clearly doesn't talk about the MGS3 multiplayer, it even gives evidence that this multiplayer probably won't be included.

Catatafish2781d ago

I hope they still give you the free cam movement from the SUB editions, fixed cams in normal MGS2/3 where a pain in the ass and the free cam of the SUB versions was awesome.

Ace_Pheonix2781d ago

There was no free cam in MGS2 Substance, just to make that clear. The only bonuses that were put into Substance were the VR missions and the Snake Boarding mini-game. Subsistence was the first Metal Gear game to offer a free-camera. Which is why I really hope they use it in the HD remake. I'd love to see their reworked MG and MG2 games in there too, but it's sadly not likely.

showtimefolks2780d ago

i just want to be able to play mgs3 snake eater and mgs peace walker in HD.

could careless about mgs2

where is mgs 1?

also where is the other psp mgs game. kojima said that mgs:pw was not that part of psp remake program and i bet you the other mgs game on psp will be on ps3 in the remake program just one more way for konami to make extra money of that one

a real HD remakes should have been

mgs 1-3,twin snakes in HD one one disk
mgs peace walker and other mgs games on psp on the other disk

and offer a ultimate all ps2,gamecube,psp mgs in HD for $60.

maybe rockstar will step up to the plate and show these devs how to do actual HD remake when they remake gta 3,vc and sa along with psp gta games liberty city and vice city stories in HD on one disk for $60

Inside_out2781d ago

I need someone to translate the translate article...O_o

On topic...They should offer a modern multi-player built with a new engine. IMO, a refurbished multi-player won't do very well. It needs to be new with authentic weapons respectful of the series and modern game modes and features. If they do that, then it may surprise some people.

MidnightWatcher2781d ago

is Peace Walker going to be a separately sold game now? as that would be cheap from Konami

Kingsora2781d ago

Yes for Japan, not in Europe and America

kingboy2781d ago

meaning Europe and Us version come with 3 games instead of 2 remakes?

Kingsora2781d ago

Yes we are sure. The HD collection in Europa and America is Peace Walker, MGS2 and MGS3.

The HD collection in Japan is MGS2 and MGS3 and Peaxe Walker is sold seperately


since when has MGS ever needed a multiplayer?

darkdoom30002781d ago

It never needed it, but Metal Gear Online was amazingly good.
My favourite online game imo. (teamwork and stealth paid off)

too bad the lag was horrendeus.

Kee2781d ago

Nice. I wouldn't buy it for the multiplayer but it's nice to see it's there. I haven't been able to play 2 or 3 for some reason. Only ever played 1 and 4 so this is a treat.

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